The Briefing Room: ISIS, gun violence, Virginia turmoil, SOTU fact check, 2020 election

The latest politics headlines from Washington, DC.

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  1. The foot stomping that occurs after a mass shooting is fueled with righteous anger, but oddly enough the mainstream media’s righteous anger is very one-sided.

    They express outrage at the amount of death being dealt at the hands of shooters who got their hands on firearms that the public shouldn’t have access to in the first place. They point fingers at Republicans, gun owners, and the NRA. Marches are formed, boycotts are called for, and friends turn on friends as the first world voices their outrage about the gun violence that has caused so much killing.

    But for people who are so angry about death and killing, their outrage seems selective. This is especially apparent to pro-lifers, who are perplexed as to why people so ready to fly into a rage about murder if it’s done by a gun, are perfectly happy to smile and nod appreciably as murder is committed with a vacuum. What’s worse is that the latter kind of murder is done far and above the rates guns do.

    Since it’s founding, Planned Parenthood has killed around 7 million people, at around 300,000 a year. And that’s just Planned Parenthood.

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  3. The three gentlemen in Vagina, while being members of the dumbass party, have done no harm. Black face…really? Not a big deal. As for the Lt gov. if it didn't come up before now it didn't happen.

  4. Long term little bit of a wash? Not! The rich tax cuts permanent! Much much of a tax loss!!!!! 1500 vs 14% of a million, 10s of millions!!!!

  5. Tell Snoop to go back in time and bring back biggie and pac. the internet thinks HE DID IT. Make AmeriKKKKa secure again. Hare Krishna!

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