The Debrief: Alabama abortion ban, US Iraq warning, Boeing controversy | ABC News

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  1. How bout this shit make abortion legal only if both the mother and the father agree. What do you want to bet you'll start to see all sorts of female deceptive behavior exposed.

  2. Here's the problem with the Boeing MAX: The U.S. is full of nniggers. Studies show that nniggers have the lowest average IQ of all races. Boeing hired a bunch of nniggers in SOUTH CAROLINA (a mostly black state) to design their MAX airplane. Nniggers are stupid and didn't know what they were doing, so the design of the MAX is all fucked up and it has an increased risk of stalling. After Boeing realized that the design of the MAX was all fucked up, they didn't wanna do a recall on hundreds of airplanes and lose tons of money. Instead, they installed MCAS and kept quiet. The end.efc

  3. Im glad theres a ban. Killing babies is sick. You lost you choice when you decided to share your body with a child. Now its not just yours anymore.

  4. It's disgusting how ABC don't bring up the fact that sex Trafficers use abortion as a way to keep women available for pimping and abortions hide the fact that children are being abused. All abortion clinics will take the money for abortion over alerting the athoritys about child abuse an sex Trafficers. Abortionist don't deserve to be in our community. They all should be locked up for being psychos.

  5. All these old men who dont care about anything but flexing their feeble pens. I don't believe in abortions, however, I believe that women should have power over their own bodies. I wish we could wake one day and find that men can get pregnant and give birth!

  6. Personally I think that abortion is so worldwide legal bc ,,it is all money for the corrupt governments, it is also..another one of their ways of depopulation control,also what they use aborted fetus for is so outrageous,that for those that don't know ,would not beleive me if i told you on here, you can check it for yourselves if you wish. Look up .. (HEK 293 )Very shocking..

  7. what gives the gov the right to pass a law on what you will do with our bodies. this is going to get scary remember in the 50's this is just insane!
    you do not have the right to tell woman what they can do watch next the voting will be taking away. the next state will be busy! DISGUSTING

  8. Love Alabama! I am glad to see a State that is fervently concerned about saving the lives of babies from irresponsible promiscuous mothers. Abortion isn’t health care…it is infanticide. No abortion advocate has ever given a non-selfish reason to justify killing babies. Like Dr. Robinson said at 04:38, abortion helps get rid of “undesired” children instead of just giving them up for adoption to live a normal life like every child should. In addition, banning abortions prevent physicians (like Dr. Robinson) from financially profiting from killing the children of mothers who are impoverished and/or who are sexually irresponsible. Alabama lawmakers have made a very loud statement of how much they value the life of children whose voices cannot be heard and who are often ignored and permanently silenced by their bad mothers. Good mothers know how to raise families by not selectively killing the children they do not want when it’s convenient. I hope Alabama is successful in overturning Roe vs Wade. Being able to kill babies legally is grotesque and a senseless law, and Planned Parenthood needs to go out of business. #BabyLivesMatter

  9. I'm from northern California. When I was 8 my bio father got me pregnant. My grandparents took me to get an abortion. To not allow someone to have an abortion if incest or rape is absurd. I can't think what I would have done at 8 having to feel that baby move inside me and give birth . Let alone be a mother at 8.

  10. Women need to learn by not getting knocked up and control themselves ….i know just start fixing man and woman to fix pop. control

  11. Abortion should only be available for females that were impregnated through incest, or rape, and if the pregnancy can cause death to the mother..other than those the person is extremely selfish.

  12. I am glad to see powerful political momentum to review and restrict Roe vs. Wade. There's also pressure to eliminate all Federal funding ($530,000,000.00 a year) to Planned Parenthood.

  13. Until we are more completely informed, I hold that a human embryo is a personal complex from the initial heartbeat. Most forms birth control result in merely bad sex, so I really do not opposeThem.
    Given advances in intro-vitro transfer and the low low birth rate , these transfer methods should be supported by both sides and more technically correct.

  14. I am so proud of Alabama!!!! Totally going to be looking to move out there, i have already been looking for a place to live that dose not allow the murder of babies in thier community , hope to find a new wonderful job, and a new wonderful community. God Is Blessing Alabama. So many like minded men an women are swarming to live there. Already have many friends and family making plans. I am very disgusted with ABC for being very one sided. Clearly they have invested interest in making money off abortion an the commercials. I am so happy I am not going to get caught up in Thier negativity. We will over throw the ruling of Wade vs Row. This is a amazing start for Alabama, for familys, for the community, for the nation, and most of all those innocent lives of Americas Beautiful Babies.

  15. Abortion isn't OK!!! That's why we have birth control. If you spread your legs and are dumb enough to get pregnant when you are not ready, deal with it! Aborting an unborn child, especially in the second and third trimester is MURDER! And it should be a felony! If you don't want the child, there are thousands of people in adoption services who do.

  16. Pregnancy from rape and incest will be made to carry to term…damn that’s messed up…expect a lot of suicides then

  17. Abortion is woman's right, this right should be protected by law, and should not be allowed to be voted on. Shame on America !
    What good does it do for the mother, the child and the society, to give birth to more unwanted babies ?
    Especially if there's health threats to either the mother or/and the child ?
    What right do we have to force a woman to go through pregnancy and birth after being brutally raped ?
    This law is supported by self righteous religious fanatics.

  18. I have a problem especially "without the exception" part. If I or anyone got pregnant as the result of the rape or incest, we SHOULD have rights to whether or not to terminate our pregnancy, as it's our own body to carry the rapist's baby for so many months!!! It's fine if she still wants to give birth to a baby but let her decide! Alabama's law will deny the basic "HUMAN RIGHTS" of women when they don't want the babies created by the rapists! Who are they to force women to suffer & agonize over the babies who will keep reminding them about the RAPE….for so many months & after!! I'm sure they'd be psychologically damaged through whole ordeals that nobody should have to go through! They are like punished TWICE for being raped! Punished by the rapists & the unreasonable, cruel LAW forcing them to have the rapist's baby… That's so inhumain & unacceptable!!

    On the other hand, I do believe all babies lives are precious, so I do wish the number of pregnancies as the results of the unprotected, careless casual sex, would decrease, so unnecessary abortion could be avoided. Having said that, I still weigh a lot more for the women's will & decision on the abortion when they are the victims of rape & incest…100% UNEANTED pregnancy!

  19. The justice is telling
    This is evil
    This is the faith
    Every one can choose what he feels
    By going after the state that supports his chose
    Jesus tells us or battle is not against people
    Our battle is against Evil and his power

  20. I want a woman president. Just to teach this country it is equal and not for men. This is the people’s world not a mans world and we are all equal. They want no abortions and I want a woman president to prove this isn’t a mans country alone.

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