The Debrief: Bezos bombshell, Venezuela leadership crisis, Whitaker testifies | ABC News

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  1. I don’t know when they did it but sooo glad they replaced what’s-her-face on this show….finally a professional!

  2. Venezuela: That pod is like riding a crazy cow. Watch this video Juan Guido with the guarimbas committing crimes by destroying infrastructure in Venezuela. Watch Video:

    The creation of Juan Guaidó: how the laboratories of American regime change created the leader of the coup in Venezuela … Read here ——->

    Juan Guaido showing his ‘ass’ in a demonstration surrounded by children See picture —

    French: Ce pod est comme conduire une vache folle. Regardez cette vidéo Juan Guido avec les guarimbas commettre des crimes en détruisant des infrastructures au Venezuela. Regarder la vidéo:

    La création de Juan Guaidó: comment les laboratoires du changement de régime américain ont créé le leader du coup d'Etat au Venezuela … Lisez ici ——->

    Juan Guaido montrant son cul lors d'une manifestation où ils ont eu des enfants Voir photo

    Spanish: Esa vaina es como montar una vaca loca. Vea este video. Juan Guido junto a las guarimbas cometiendo delitos destruyendo infraestructuras en Venezuela. Vea Video:

    La creación de Juan Guaidó: cómo los laboratorios de cambio de régimen estadounidenses crearon al líder del golpe de estado en Venezuela… Leer aqui ——->

    Juan Guaido mostrando el trasero en una demostración donde habían niños Ver imagen —

  3. The US is going to liberate Venezuela's resources.
    It's a crime for a country to use it's resources to benefit it's people's.

    They should be used to prop up the petrodollar and the benefit of oil and mining executives

    Don't worry the bill to destabilize Venezuela will go to the US working class.

  4. A gay black actor allegedly gets "assaulted" by MAGA hat wearing Nazis at 2 am in Chicago, lol, and its headlined everywhere for days. You guys instantly made a video about it. A white musician actually gets murdered in a home invasion by five black kids in Nashville yet no video. Hmmmm… I wonder why.

  5. Besos has already been divorced because of these photos. Whitaker is a serial blackmailer and has hurt many others, not just Besos and his family. No one should be blackmailed.

  6. End questioning Whittaker. Subpoena him to new questioning. Imprison him to "compel" his testimony and do this with all witnesses who do not immediately comply

  7. Let's hope all media end's.. No more reporters rights.. As they are nothing more than spies..
    Many many men want to slash Jim Acosta throat, I don't give a fuk one way or the other…
    Who cares about who Benzo is banging… Thought he wasn't married to a women.. WOW..I thought he was a poof..dam…I still wouldn't save a rich man if his life depended on me to do so..
    Trump is the Antichrist just like Poop Francis…
    USA becomes Hell on earth..
    Look in a unholy Bible n see your fate..
    You can't escape your fate .. America needs to be made into smaller islands, n only pure blood's of natives live on..all you European descendants will die..fake African Americans will die too.
    Same with Liz Warren.. Lying to be a half cast native Indian and it turns out she has 1/8 …she is a liar..never a President.. Ever..

  8. i ALWAYS knew National Enquirer……………..was a rag…….ever since i got hooked on the Bat Boy saga………………Bezos is going to own them when this is over………and then …………………………………close them forever.

  9. As a gentle reminder, Mr. Bezos is NOT THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD. WHY? At this time in our global community we have numerous TRILLIONAIRES LIKE THE ROTHCHILDS, ROCKEFELLERS, DUPONTS AND others..Due to their OBSCENE super wealth gives them TOTAL anonymity to stay out of the scrunity of the global media due to their ownership of the world's 3 largest news agencies…REUTERS, AP AND AFP.

  10. Ps.a vision is a warning.I saw 1994 poison gas attack on grand central station on did not kill ny ers.a cop took report at Suburban prime meats.Edward Kloos on film.alone facing terrorist.(i think his name was Souzi.spelled.wrong).

  11. Me and then 27 people had first vision of FIRES OVER ENTIRE SKYS of ny.Knock out USA.South America can be taken.Spain and Portugal took a continent.

  12. Venezuela is just another CIA Psych Ops for the countries OIL / Gold resources! ~ When is the US majority going to realize the Criminal Elite are Robber Barons??? ~ SAD ~ ABC & Main Stream News have become Propaganda Panderer's!!!

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