Tik Tok app reportedly under national security review | ABC News

U.S. investigators are reportedly trying to determine whether the popular music app, owned by a Chinese company, is sending American users’ data to China.

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  1. So basically my info that they said that won’t be shown anywhere will probably be launched to the world like famous people numbers and private email address will be shown 😭🤯

  2. It's not just China and Tiktok that invades all of our privacy so yeah. I don't know why the news is reporting this like Google, Youtube, Apple, and all those other major corporations haven't been doing it already for all these years lol. Our user data has made billions for these corporations.

  3. No shit! It's a Chinese company! They censor all Hong Kong related information and spy on their users, of course it's a security threat!

  4. Uhm… but the american government stores data and information of every US citizen so how is this any different lmao

  5. The US state department continue to try and manufacture enemies to justify their dubious jobs. Meanwhile of course US sourced technology ie the operating systems, are throughout the world. No complaints from the state department about Windows, Android and MacOS, and RedHat Linux being used throughout the world.

    But if the US continues to treat the rest of the world as enemies, they risk the rest of the world banning US software in retaliation, lol! Perhaps it is only a matter of time when the USA becomes marginalized because of its continued belligerent views on “foreign” developed software, as the rest of world is forced to develop alternatives to US sourced software…

    Under Clinton and Obama the US state department, better named “the war department”, conducted and started wars continually for the last sixty years. Trump tried to shut it down completely when he got in. Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, in their pacts with the devil bankers, and their puppet Democratic National Committee, to get their nominations, have pledged to rebuild it if they get elected…..

    The US is already becoming irrelevant in high tech hardware development, if it continues to act like a stupid bully, they will find themselves marginalized in software development faster than the US state department, and its military and banker backers realize. Idiots in the war department of the USA, and their rich investment banker buddies on Wall street, and in London, Amsterdam and Paris will seriously stunt the US’s entertainment and software development industries and their hopes for the future…

    The US media is currently hugely in debt, and it's the stupid bankers urging their croney “mainstream” organizations to flog this “war on the world” standpoint. Wars benefit the very rich – it lets them steal money from smaller investors because they have inside knowledge of the conduct of armed conflicts…

    What do we want for mankind? Jobs creating consumer software, for fun, education and entertainment, jobs in health care and service industries, or jobs in banker-manufactured wars….

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