Transcripts released revealing Trump intended American taxpayers to front bill for Mexican wall

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was firm about Mexico not paying for the wall that Trump ran his campaign on.


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  1. WAIT.. i didnt here the presidents voice…….all i heard was the news saying what he said…here say will not hold up in court or with me….

  2. I am the world's greatest person! I don't believe anyone would actually say that. He really thinks that he is, the WORLD'S GREATEST PERSON ! Totally insane.

  3. NH is drug infested however ITS FROM THE FUCKEN SAGLER FAMILY, THE BIG PHARMA FAMILY, NOT FUCKEN MEXICANS MR CUNTBAG. I became a 25yr opiate addict in NH at Age 12yrs old, I'm 43 now n clean with medical help, but it started with opiates for dental procedure. I turned to Mexicans when I needed heroin after 16yrs of big pharma help, that heroin didn't come thru our borders…it came under & around them. Ur wall is a farce n so r u @realdonaldtrump

  4. Turnbull is a sniveling little rat, & yes he did want the US to take 1800 refugee's from us, BUT in turn agreed to take thousands of refugee's over a 10 year period, from the US, that included criminal refugee's in jail & due to be released? Trump said, it was the most ridiculous phone call he has ever had & hung up on Turnbull! Trump is one of the US best ever President, & Australia should be so lucky.

  5. So you tap the president's phone line so you tapped his phone lines and had surveillance on him when he was running his campaign and now you kept his phone lines what the f*** is wrong with you people no wonder you can't win a f**** election crooked motherfukers I hope he eats your ass f**** again in 2020 I'm sure he will you better come up with something better than just calling people racist but he's going to hand you your asses

  6. Why do you release confidential tapes in the U.S. you make your country and your President look like they are no longer a world power. Everyone should stand behind your President and stop leaking secrets, very shameful for the U.S. citizens, media and government. Very Shameful.

  7. To some of the responses to this video, Obviously you do not know the history of this country's leaders. What they classify as "National Security" is the invasion, murder, rape, election fixing, assassinations of other country's leaders slavery to our economic loans with interest rates so high they can't be paid back and countries suffer economic failure, sanctions, torture prisons, destruction for lands and buildings through war where companies like Cheney's go in and rebuild at the tax payers expense, covert operations, etc. this has been allowed due to actions being classified, where it keeps the american public in the dark but keeps them paying the bills. Bills on all the wars that are conducted for no other reason except for monetary gain for the few. Vietnam is an example of a war being conducted under classified status and that bogus war went on for over 30 years where this country's supposed leaders were sacrificing thousands of this country's young for the profits that were going in to criminal pockets. Then under classified status corrupt supposed leaders took us into Latin america and did the same things down there, (you must not remember or understand the Oliver North scandals and the covert operations that went on down there where we invaded and murdered thousands) You want to talk about morality and truth and responsibilities and qualities. You lie to yourself because if you and or others in this nation stood for morality, and truth they would be performing their responsibilities as to bringing up their children with better qualities than patting them on their heads and condoning their desires to go off to a bogus war and murder on commands that are classified and destroy much of this earth in doing so… for what? A ridiculous pay check. I can see clearly you may approve of such actions because of the example you use. A football playbook, a game that promotes violence, self inflicted pain, as well as inflicting pain to others, for what??? Points and touch downs. The bottom line is that a grown man playing football offers society nothing better than to watch him run down a manicured stretch of grass carrying an inflated pigskin for millions of dollars. You want classification for the privilege of allowing more people driving around in big ass cars where we have murdered millions for the oil of other lands where we have stolen their natural resources. This is and has and probably will be the US playbook for what is said to be "National Security" and this kind of crap is what you and others want, where someone like Trump as well as past presidents and military forces have the right to classify??? You as most Americans have either a short memory or you have not lost your husband, wife, brother, sister, son, or daughter, and if you have and you still want things classified then I feel sorry for you, or maybe you are profiting from these kinds of classifications where you don't mind if the American taxpayers keeps paying for this kind of deception. I am well into my sixty's and my memory is long. I do not wish to see or hear of another person going off to be sacrificed under the false pretense that what they will be sacrificed for is classified, being performed under the false pretense of these actions being "National Security" and for mostly the sole profits of criminals at all levels of this government. The american people do not see any justice because so much of our congresspeople, senate, and house members have all been on this classified payroll. You need to re think what your morality is. You need to re think what you have been brainwashed into believing what you think and what you have learned as the truth. You need to re educate your children to not become apart of this governments game, when you do all this maybe you can clearly see no president who is supposed to be working on behalf of the people should have the authority to classify anything and then maybe just maybe people around the world would enjoy some quality in life. Scriptures say those with eyes will see, those with ears will hear, and that Truth will set you (all mankind) free. You have a great day.


  9. Donald. We are all still waiting for our "heads to spin" because of the wall, however we've got lots of head spinning happening due to your cozy relationships with Putin, Kim Jong Un and assorted other global thugs.

  10. Es un meti roso por que Mexico no ba pagar ni gun muro que Toto’s los americanos les da a tole con el dedo no lo sé pero estudiaron pero como si no ubiera es tediado por piensa igua guy

  11. When is America going to become a strong country again
    Last 3 years it's been nothing but chaos and lies for America
    Dictator countries are cheering,and loving Trump's dividing America
    And the rest of the world are shaking their heads,America has become a joke
    Wake up America. …when is enough going to be enough

  12. So, how much has Mexico put in the kitty for the payment of the wall so far Donny boy? You bit off a bit more than you could chew by the sounds of things. You Donny boy are a total fool and idiot.

  13. screw everyone that complains about Donald Trump. You POS are benefiting from some difficult decisions he has had to make… talk about your Whiners,,,,the left takes the cake and runs with it…I hope and pray he is President for another term, You bunch of A-Holes…..I dont care if I have to help pay for the wall….IT IS MY PLEASURE if it will keep the bad factions from over running our country…..the next thing we gotta tackle is all you whining demon-rats….and then we can deal with the head from body seperators . ———- the i.s.l.a.m.i.s.t.s. you can all get out.

  14. hey america: if you build a wall you pay for it. Nowhere in the universe does that not hold true. you can build something neccesary and try to get reimbursed for it later but you can never build anything of your own volition and expect someone else to foot the bill,….. never! so anyone that says they feel he lied to them, is really saying they are so fucking stupid they dont understand one of the underlying principles of existence, or they want the cum in their mouth but dont want to ask for it! go fuck yourself with this story and move on!

  15. The American Tax payers must pay for abortions for poor women. So what’s the difference?. DJT should confiscate all those funds that Mexican workers send to Mexico to pay for the smugglers who led them across the border. It’s 9 billion $ per month. Just confiscating two or three months worth would pay for the wall.

  16. Trump has had 2 very Big problems in his life. With ZIPPERS. 1 ZIPPER for his mouth. And
    1 ZIPPER for his pants. He has never learned how to keep either one ZIPPED.

  17. HAHAHA!!! 😂 I'm still cracking up with laughter three years later at this orange FOOL & the STUPID republicans 🤣 and their wall Mexico was supposed to pay for.

  18. You know what strange .how come they dont let us hear trump voice on the recording .instead of the lady reading it for us.🤔 something to think about .oh im not a trump supporter .nor do i dislike him.

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