Trump pledges up to 15,000 military personnel at the Mexico border

In states that the president won, some Democrats facing tight races like Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill said they embraced his hard line.




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  1. Trump is great . You know what is wrong with us we are to soft trump is an ass and people get offended.. if we don’t change our tree hugging way and keep being soft one day Russia will be on our door step.

  2. He has an issue with chain inmigration.
    He has an issue with the visas lottery.
    He has an issue with refugees.
    He has an issue with illegal immigration (we all do).
    Now the issue is Birth right citizenship.

    And yes…. Some republican still refuse to recognize what's in their faces.

  3. ABC: CNN: CBS: MSNPC: "Orange man bad!!" "Welcome immigrants!!" "Orange man bad!!" "Welcome immigrants!!" "Orange man bad!!" "Welcome immigrants!!" "Orange
    man bad!!" "Welcome immigrants!!"

  4. Not the first time trump using the military for political gain. Remember the tomahawk missiles strikes in Syria while telling Putin what he was doing

  5. The mass shooting in Pittsburg's synagogue proves that people are radicalized by the media. Why is the media not advocating for guns in synagogues?
    Trump is just spreading hate and that hate can return to him as boomerang

  6. Actually the terrorist group ISIS has bases in communist Cuba and they can target Jewish interests and Synagogues in Miami or Palm Beach.
    How is Trump making America secure with a border wall between the southwest and Mexico?

  7. Yo. Its nuts how absolutely bat shit crazy this President and his minions are. Where the hell did all these nut jobs come from? I had no idea there were this many crazies in this country.

  8. The US has 20,000 boarder agents plus 15, 000 military, for a total of 35,000 men and women. The last caravan 14 people were arrested. That means it will take 2500 american to arrest one person asking for asylum. Trump is now saying "shoot them" if they throw rocks. Why isn't trump calling our allies to help us? America is under invasion send in the spaceforce!!!!

  9. Waste of tax dollars the USA does not have. How many more trillions will tiny45* add to the country’s debt while he is pocketing all the dough he can. tiny45* is a monster robbing the USA blind.

  10. Meanwhile The Trump Families is using the presidential executive power to get richer!!

    He’s out there making up lies so that Americans won’t know the truth! “Conquer and Division” Is his dirty tactics,

    Wake up People of America! Remove Trump! STOP making the 1% percent even more rich” George Soros is part of the 1%

    Meanwhile Americans fight day and night for health care, stability, extra grocery money these monsters are laughing at your FACE!

    “Vote Free”

  11. Trump is out of control like always. 5000! No wait 10,000! Well let me see um 15,000? All for probably nothing! Trump is just assuming MS 13, Middle Eastern terrorist are part of it. He even admitted there’s no evidence. I’m so tired of this old man trying to act like a leader. He can’t even make up his damn mind

  12. The maritime U.S border between Cuba and Florida is unsecured and millions of illegals from the Antillean islands and centralamerica live in Florida.

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