Trump to visit US-Mexico border as government shutdown continues

President Trump’s visit to the border follows a dramatic scene at the White House where he walked out on talks with Democratic leaders.

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  1. Look who is the terrorist now? Americans people's will suffer under trump administration. Let's see how he can make America great again. People shuld sue him, he's a dumb millionaire.

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  3. It is BEYOND repugnant how these assholes keep "forgetting" to mention the drug overdose deaths and murder and rape victims the wall could prevent. Funny how EVERY msm outlet except Fox adopted the same script as if the DNC is dictating every word those cucks spew.

  4. At wut point do U ppl open ur eyes, wake up and realize wut a piece of shit ur president is? The whole world sees wut u retards fail to muchworsecdoes it need to Be? Ur country is literally out of service. Ur country is broken.

  5. Hard to fathom how a putrid liar, hatemonger, pervert, bigot, and selfish, stupid swine like Donald J. Trump could be the current American President.  All of the Presidents of this country who came before, Republican or Democrat, were better than this ugly puddle of puke.  Trump is now up to his neck in HIS OWN shit.  The coming weeks and months ought to be real interesting…

  6. This is extremely biased and does not accurately report the situation. Notice how it plays on emotions and completely portrays the President as "bad" and the Democrats as "brilliant". The reality is that our country needs security for the very real problems (as the President was sworn to do) and the Democrats need to be willing to work with the President to help the American people. Note that all these Dem leaders have said the exact same thing publicly about immigration before Trump was elected. Right now, they present themselves as ones who only care about themselves and hurting others (esp. President Trump) to further their own agendas.

  7. What im i the only adult in the building? Enough… what crisis? Illegal crossings are down to 25% of what they were 10 years ago. So WHERE is the Crisis? Come on i know at least one person I'm the Whitehouse can add and subtract so wt…?

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