Tulsi Gabbard accuses Kamala Harris of "political ploy"

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who is running for the Democratic nomination for president, told CBSN that comments made by California Sen. Kamala Harris about former Vice President Joe Biden were a “political ploy.” CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe joined “CBSN AM” to talk about Gabbard’s comments as well as the latest campaign news.

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About the Author: Rafael



  1. Not only did Harris call Biden racist, she said he had done things in the past to harm innocent children – one of whom "was me"
    Biden does not have tge brains or cojones to respond properly, but what he should have said was Hartis, as the child of two grad students at an internationalky prestigious university, did not need bussing to get into the privileged white world, she was BORN into it.
    One could argue, if indeed bussing made opportunities for poor black kids, that an actual poor black kid shpuld have been bussed, instead of Kamala.
    This would be way too much truth for the leftwing underbelly of the Demo party, which always choses symbols and memes over facts, but normal people – not just hostile rightwingers who hate Harris no matter what – actual Demo voters – would appreciate the honesty.
    But, in the Demo religion, black people are not to be challenged as soon as they play the race card – no matter how silly that claim is – and Biden would not commit the blasphemy of saying she was full of BS.
    Trump would never have let her get away with it.
    Much as I despise Harris for being a completely unprincipled w***e, we can not have a President who is weak personally or mentally as Biden so obviously is.

  2. That dude on after Tulsi is an idiot. "Well, Senator Harris said she did not think Biden was a racist…." does not mean she did not imply he was a racist. Why would you even bring up his cooperation with OBVIOUS segregationist racists unless you are trying to paint him as a racist. she can say one thing and totally imply the opposite, that is how you politely attack in politics.

  3. Tulsi should wait until 2024, 2020 is over. She seems like the most normal of them all…admittedly, a VERY low bar.

  4. Everyone, please take the time to YouTube Andrew Yang. Just five minutes. Even if you don't vote for him, he'll give you a different perspective on our economy.

  5. Agreed. It was pandering and emotional appeal that made for a memorable performance but ultimately, is not what I want in a president

  6. It continues to be very pathetic that the American Africans are allowing themselves once again to be used as political CATS' PAWS by especially American European and American African political opportunists.

    Bill Clinton exploited their naivety and gullibility; so also had Barack Obama, for example.

    Now, Donald J.Trump is on the exploitative prowl – being trumpiferously enabled by such European American bagpiper as Candace Owens, who is clad in black sheep clothing.

    KAMala Harris understands the "game"; she plays with a hidden pack of cards, and has "trumped" Joe Biden with a Bible which she suddenly turned into a switch blade.

    Oh, how KAMala Harris has pushed and turned the switchblade lethally.into Joe's side!

    Once again, the American Africans are being taken to the political landfills where they SHALL BE WOEFULLY DISCARDED AFTER BEING USED AND ABUSED BY POLITICAL DEMAGOGUES AND QUACKS – by the so-called "whites" and so-called "blacks" alike.

    La bataille politique se continue!

  7. Kamala lacks any integrity. The woman had an affair with a married man, flaunted in public. He was 30 years her senior. She used him to get ahead politically and increase her wealth. Once she obtained, she blew him off. What do prostitutes do? They perform acts for money. She didn’t live him, but certainly used him for gain.

  8. Kamela is now attacking AOC and kissing up to N. Pelosi???!.. That right there ought to open everyone's eye in that she's a power hungry politician who would go after another woman in the same party.
    Faux news LOVES this!
    Stop being such a HATER and support AOC! Both Boxter and Pelosi need to make room for younger public serving officials, not your everyday politician who only care about being elected, then re-elected!

  9. I have heard the same rhetoric from Democrats from the 60s. Nothing ever gets done by these clowns once elected. They never fix or attempt to fix the issue they campaigned on so it will always be a political tool. Hypocrisy.

  10. Tulsi is too honest and ethical to stand a chance in the “shark tank” of the Democrat primary. She is running as a Democrat because all Hawaii pols are Democrat. Philosophically, Tulsi is much more conservative than the national Democrat platform.

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