Two killed, dozens injured after charter bus rolls over on foggy interstate

The driver of the bus, that carried 57 passengers — including children — from Florida to New York, has been charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter.


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  1. I am sure that driver would have gathered died than any other. Fog and other accidents there say something that should be addressed.

  2. Should bring charges against the state for not fixing the exit…”prone to accidents” is another way of saying “this happens all the time here”.

  3. Okay, so fo you people who don't understand why he's being charged, when driving a commercial vehicle or even a box truck, you have to take off ramps and turns slow, you can roll very easily especially if you're going to fast. If the conditions where bad, than he should have slowed it down even more, the driver is 100% at fault here, he's the captain of his ship, damn sad it could have been prevented if he just slowed the hell down.

  4. Some of those bus drivers on the east coast drive like they are on a nascar racetrack . When I see them getting close to me I slow down an let pass.

  5. So where in this story does it demonstrate the negligence or malfeasance of the driver? All you have is an accident that resulted in a rollover of a charter bus. Charges against the driver are not specified, so who am I to consider at fault for this? "Speed was a factor"? Yeah, speed is a factor for a bus at anything over 5MPH, so what factor does it play here?

  6. Go figure the driver was Asian 😂🤣😂🤣 and b4 u start with ur racist bullshit I'm fucking Asian as well and have been in 5 accidents my whole life all with a member of my family so I can vouch for the fact we can't drive for shit.

  7. He the driver was at fault, he took the exit too fast, so he should be charged with involuntary manslaughter! Being that it was foggy ,he should have been driving slower to begin with,most exit that curve are bad for semis and bus for sure!

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