Video shows teacher dragging special needs child

Trina Abrams of eastern Kentucky has been charged with fourth-degree assault and was removed from the school.


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  1. Fat fucking bitch. This is why women shouldn't be allowed to work with disabled children. Women these days have such an inflated sense of entitlement and whenever anything goes wrong, they loose their rag and get nasty.

  2. What i am happen for, that it was not a black kid or a black teacher. I can assure if it was it would have been treated differently and that is the sad reality!

  3. She had every right to deal with the retard kid how she did! Who wants their kid to sit next to a retard zombie?

  4. Sorry but adults are in charge, not children…. This teacher did right…. Overly privileged white snowflakes strike again… If this kid were black or Mexican nobody would care….. And why does the news always push a special needs narrative for out of control white kids needing to be delt with?

  5. Slightly less disturbing than the Harambe video. Every single school in the US has one or two of these super creeps working for them. Get to know your child's teachers. Doesn't take long to find out if a person is good with children and understands "special needs". Do they seem cold or overly friendly? Trust your gut and get involved parents.

  6. All those virtue signalers in the comments who are bashing on the women would totally solved that problem in the more professional way.

  7. stupid bitch needs to be dragged down a fucking hall by her hair. and then be arrested for that shit😠I work with child with special needs for a leaving.

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