Virginia attorney general reveals he wore blackface in 1980s

Democrat Mark Herring apologized after admitting to attending a party dressed as a rapper wearing “brown makeup.”


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  2. This just in>> All Cattle Owners with Black Face Cows and White Mouths, will have to butcher them no later than Friday, Feb 8, 2019
    And, we can no longer use the word for those pesky critters called "Chiggers" because it sounds too much like "Ni_ _ ers"

  3. Lets remember what someone did years and years ago does not necessarily reflect who they are today. So what a bunch of grade school drama over the va governor. racism of all ethnicities exists. But for some reason it only ever seems to be really brought up and made a big deal of if its about racism towards blacks.. And even if its not true racism…black people always find a way to call it racism. For example speaking …black guy gets killed by white guy=racism ..white guy gets killed by black guy= murdered white guy…. So in my book I could give two squats about all this racist talk going on in the world today. Bc 9 times out 10 its someone stirring a pot just for their own power trip

  4. Y'know, crazy as it might sound, past the age of maybe 35, most of us aren't as wild, carefree and unconcerned with public opinion as we were at about 19 years old, even if we are now a governor, or a congressman, or hold some other office in which we can strongly affect many lives.
    Now this stuff Trump spouts about the press being the enemy of the people, in a country in which we pride ourselves on free speech and a free press makes Trump look like an idiot. But… the press is following Trump's creed "Money is king" and unlike many years in the past where they usually showed a little discretion, in understanding that even politicians are human, they now make a huge big deal about anything they think will help them to make more money.
    Are you past 35 years old? Are you the same person you were at 19? Did you ever do anything dumb back then that you would not do now as a responsible adult?
    A free press is absolutely crucial to what this country stands for, but if it continues to stoop to disgusting depths in covering those in public service… the really good people are not going to want to serve the public. They'll stick to the private sector to avoid getting raked over the coals for every little indiscretion they've ever made.

  5. What's done in the past should stay in the past..Who cares? Plus this isn't even racist. Y was it ok for Hillary to be blackface? What he done in the past shouldn't matter today. In the last days they'll call right wrong and wrong right. Just bc these racist have nothing to complain about now don't mean they can complain about this. They got rid of confederate flag, then they didn't hsv e nothing to complain about so the American flag was next then Christian flag. They just wanna be seen. But I do think if he supports abortions then.he should resign.

  6. Clearly racist back then but there are a few gray areas in this generation. Is it dumb, racist or both when another race gives a black tone thumbs up emoji- assuming it was not accidental?

  7. all of this needs to stop…everyone has a past, everyone and if u go after someone just know they have every right to come after u…we keep doing this no one will have a job…there has to be some guidelines to what is and what is not forgivable…this is a mess

  8. Someone please dig up michael jackson, arrest him, remove all his monuments, records and everything else. I'm offended he wore WHITEFACE and I'm offended.

  9. haha the vile disgusting communist democrat party is crumbling so they send pimp shapton to town after tricking his peeps out wholesale for 40 years….. help fund post birth abortions and contraceptives for all members of the communist democrat party

  10. So black face is bad. Ok I got it. So why is it ok for black comics to mimic white people. Why was it ok for the 2 brothers to play white females. Is t that the same thing ? It’s time white people stand up and destroy any black person who makes fun or mimic white people

  11. So let's see Attorney general black-face
    Governor Black-face + taking pictures with KKK members or being one
    Lieutenant governor – sexual assault
    Really Virginia ? fucking really? come on you are better than this shit vote Trump in 2020 and join back the club of sane states i expect this shit from California but not from states like fucking Virginia vote the filthy democrats out!

  12. Virginia Government Succession
    Governor – Blackface and KKK Costume in Yearbook
    Lieutenant Governor – Accused of Sexual Assault
    Attorney General – Admits to Wearing Blackface
    Speaker of the House of Delegates – A Republican
    Democrats say nothing wrong with blackface since being a Republican is the greater offense.

  13. DISGUSTING !!!…….Its pathetic how racist people, who happen to be 'white' and Democrat in this instance, find nothing wrong with 'blackface'.

    As people, whether Black or White in our ethnicities, we are all God's children and each one of us NEEDs to start VEHEMENTLY standing against the last vestiges of racism such as 'blackface', hidden in the guise of 'fun' and even for a bad holiday as halloween – 'blackface is WRONG and RACIST !!! To those who think otherwise, or 'blackface' is somehow, harmless 'fun', below is a 'blackface' ad in reverse (perhaps, more appropriately 'whitefoot'), meant to have a racial dig at 'white' peoples skin color.

    Released around Christmas 95, the ad was so offensive to 'white' people it was taken off the air within months. It depicts 'white' peoples' skin color as being lame, compared to 'black' peoples skin, by playing on the fact that 'white' skin has less melanin than 'black' skin and further advises that all 'white' skin, wherever found on the body, be covered up by sunscreen as the remedy when out in the sun.

    And since the only external part on a Blackman's body that is actually 'white', are the soles of the feet, the ad finally suggests that is the only place, for a Blackman, that actually needs sunscreen – demeaning to 'white' people. The ad aims to poke fun at a biological fact, that, 'white' skin gets sun burn much easier than 'black' skin. Even though that is a biological fact, the CONTEXT is WRONG, because, like 'blackface', the so called 'fun', demeans another persons different skin color. So, as they took this ad off the air, let those particular racist (white) people STOP the offense of 'blackface', its DISGUSTING !!!

  14. "Shocking new headline…"
    I am just enjoying the outrage of the looney left, cannibalizing their own over the most ridiculous controversy possible. This is what happens when you combine lunacy, leftist politics, SJW virtue signaling and a need to scour the pages of history for something to be offended at. We are living in post-normal America. At least I can enjoy seeing the
    spectacle of the Democrats writhing in their own self-created torture chamber.

  15. Lol….WTF….next is people who played with a Hollywood a kid and other stuff will be called racist 20 to 40 years later…people should be judged by their deeds as working adults ! Sounds like a "Project Veritas" hit job !
    Trump, Brett, Cindy Hyde-Smith are worse ! Yet no one gives a Shit! WTF !

  16. The idiot gov should have put on brown face. Also, Muir is not a real journalist–he's a news reader who knows very little.

  17. Black face ? Who gives a fuck! Oh but when they do white face on snl or dave chappel or shit like that its just fuckin fine?! Whiney mother fuckers

  18. Well it was fashionable back in the day. If you think white folks are not still doing it as we speak I have wall to build for you in downtown Francisco. They are proud of their racism. Shit I had a lady with not one tooth in her head with a brood of kids hanging off of her and I swear she was smelling like wet cat call me a "monkey" as she stole my parking space and asked me what was I gonna do about it. I'm 6'2" and I could have snapped her neck If I had wanted to but then she wins and I'm going to jail if I get their safely and my life is ruined. I know the devil is out there trying to trip me up. Nope I let her have the parking space and I still have a great life. I'm driving a 2018 BMW X6 and the rust bucked she crawled out would need a tetanus snot if you brushed up against it. SMDH.

  19. Mainstream media is up in arms because he wore a black face, not because he’s killing newborns? Wow. Our world is really fuxed up. Demoncraps, get your priorities straight. Morons!

  20. OFF TOPIC BUT need to know. !!!! Health care for profit is a type of Slavery. Your employer pays 200 dollars per week to your health care provider. If you had socialized medicine it would cost HALF as Much !!! Do you like working one day a week for a Corporation??? This is a crime and our politicians are paid to keep this cash cow 🐮.

  21. Democrats founded KKK, fought to preserve slavery, now they endorse BLM, which is black equivalent of KKK and by affirmative action they imply, that blacks are less intelligent. Yet blacks overwhelmingly vote for them.
    Is this what Kanye meant by "slavery as a choice"?
    Everything makes sense.
    Democrats are racists by definition.

  22. This whole scandal is over people getting offended over the smallest things. People worse blackface back then and the culture was different now. It wasn't very offensive back then and just because it is very offensive in these days doesn't mean you have to attack them because of what time period they did it in. It is completely stupid that people get offended too easily over shit like this so to all of you people who get offended over the smallest of things, drink a cup of wet cement and harden the fuck up! What i'm trying to say there is DONT GET OFFENDED TOO FUCKING EASILY!!!

  23. I notice the media switches narratives real quick when Democrats are in trouble, it's almost as if there is collusion going on.

  24. Virginia is a confederate state, what do you expect from a racist state? Good luck finding someone that doesn’t have a history of some kind of scandal….💩💩💩

  25. I believe that woman accusing Lt. Governor Fairfax is just a woman scorned. The allegations against Lt.Gov. were already investigated. Why suddenly when there's a possibility that he will be VA Governor is she coming out? Didn't she see when Lt. Governor Fairfax was running for Lt. Governor at the time it was she under a rock, so why suddenly now she brings this up. I say it's all a SHAM and Repubs trying to go after Dems to smear!!! Well, Republicans better be careful because karma is witch and their day of reckoning will soon be coming so they better make sure they have NO dirt in their closets.

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