Vladimir Putin promised that Russia is developing new intermediate range weapons

Russia’s announcement comes just one day after the U.S. said it will withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty.


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  1. You have to close down any off shore bank accounts because it is money laundering and banned by the un treaty

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  3. People think that the only war profiteers are in the West. This is a scam by both sides. You need a boogie man and then you scare the hell out of everybody so your war industry moguls get rich and kick money back to you. Theses not going to be a nuclear war between Russia and the USA.

  4. Snore. Russia needs to develop an actual economy and not piss around with this nonsense. Putin’s had the time to create a multi-industry economy yet he’s failed miserably. Only industry they have is within the energy industry, nothing more. As such, their GDP is low (around $1.5 trillion, which is the same as NY State). But unlike NY, Russia has to serve 170 million citizens with schools, pensions, hospitals and an infrastructure in the world’s largest geographical country in the world. Oh yeah, and with that paltry amount; they have to fund a woefully outdated and undermanned military.

  5. United States and Russia don't have to have another cold war at all we can actually get along. China was not in on the arms agreements therefore America and Russia will have to build stealthy Super Sonic weapons. by no means at all doesn't mean America and Russia is in the Cold War again we both can help each other out but just solving the arms agreement. we can make the rest of the world have an armed security mint Russia and America United. you people in this country are looking at it all wrong Russian America really doesn't hate each other some of our people are actually one people in this country called the United States. China and the rest of the world will have to all come together clean a run with no nuclear weapons if not Russia in America with the best stealth Catskill with the weapons the world has ever seen. and then this little tiny planet Earth can DIE. so American News agencies in Europe hold off the new Cold War realize what's really happening before your eyes. United States and Russia really isn't enemies. they're actually getting along China anyone else we can run on Sunday in new nuclear arms agreement with Russia America the rest of the world, don't worry Donald Trump smarter than you think so is mr. Putin in Russia World learn to get along or die.

  6. Thank you for this video
    What l think
    That the USA and Russia should
    Talk, and be friends and do business . It will make jobs
    For USA and Russia
    There no winner in a war
    There nothing wrong with talking together at the of day
    So USA and Russia what have got lose nothing.
    Talk talk not for yourself
    It's the children future
    Who look up to great leaders
    We love USA and love Russia

  7. Great, more weapons that can annihilate our species. Will the US and Russia kindly stop having these nuclear cock-waving games?

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