Will House Democrats get their hands on Trump’s taxes?

Politico reports that Treasury Department officials are working on a plan that would keep the president’s personal tax returns hidden from House Democrats. Politico White House reporter Nancy Cook spoke to CBSN about the legal argument officials are preparing.

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  1. BIPARTISAN? You people just said that presidents have ALWAYS supplied their tax returns. The questions asked by this "reporter" are not only inane, they are meant to confuse the public, not inform. Shame.

  2. Just a few of trump accomplishments
    -Re-engineered the NAFTA Deal
    -created a system to lower the price of drugs through competition
    -Created the Right To Try Drugs for sick people who need hope
    -created over 4 million jobs
    -More americans employed than ever in our history
    -created mover 400,000 manufacturing jobs
    -Manufacturing Jobs growing at a faster rate in over 30 years
    -jobless claims at a 49 year low
    -unemployment in america 17 year low
    -African american & latino unemployment lowest record ever recorded
    -Asian unemployment lowest ever recorded
    -Womens unemployment lowest rate in 65 years
    -youth unemployment lowest in 50 years
    -Veteran unemployment lowest record in over thirty years
    -3.9 million fewer americans on food stamps
    -small business get the lowerst marginal tax rate in over 80 years
    -pledge to america's workers act
    -higher paying jobs
    -62% Labor participation
    -Withdrew from TPP Trans pacific partnership
    -Withdrew from Iran Deal
    -moved the Embassy to jeruselim
    -GDP 4.7 %
    -Largest tax cut in American history
    -repeling of the individual mandate tax health tax
    -Better job opportunities
    -substantial tax custs
    -substantial deregulation
    -Rising wages
    -Consumer high optimism
    -consumer confidence 17 year high
    -business confidence near 1980's levels

    -US secured from Nato repayment for our defense protection
    -exited the Paris Claimate accord
    -5.5 trillion dollars in net tax savings (Tax custs and jobs act)

    -Constitutional Oiginalist Judges

    -Reshaped the federal courts for a life time

    -appointed 85 fedeeral judges
    2 supreme court
    32 circuit court
    51 Distric court
    ISIS has been crushed
    Military is now being rebuilt
    fighting for the boarder wall be built
    -The VA
    The VA Accountability Act signed in to law
    Expanded Health Services,
    walk in clinics
    same day urgent care
    mental health care
    Delivered more appeals decisions to vets

    Oil Opened Anwar
    Oil the #1 oil producer in the world
    exposing the Deep state
    -summer olypics in los angeles 2028

  3. If a Democrat President didn't show his or her's tax returns when they become President. I think the Republicans and their followers will be all over them.

  4. No, Americans don’t care about his taxes you are wrong Pelosi. I don’t give a rats rear end about his tax returns. Really? You think ANY of those politicians release ANYTHING factual ANYTIME? Get real. It’s the pot calling the kettle black on both sides of the aisle

  5. Well he said dept is good and he became rich by being in dept once upon a time. Makes a person think what type of bills$it it wrote off for his taxes. It would show a lot, I am positive.

  6. That's wrong, he needs to show his tax returns like any other president. If he doesn't take him out office now..why should everyone else have too show their tax returns why can't he

  7. So pelosi is a multi millionaire [as all the rest],on 200k yr.lets see[ their] taxes and underhand payments[ thank you so much for the help, will have to check my phone..btw..USA USA -You Communist need to go

  8. Tax returns are PRIVATE and certainly should not be released to someone with no just cause. I wish the Dumocrats would govern our country and work on national issues that affect the citizens.

  9. Al Sharpton committed tax fraud and no one cares..why do you fools care about Trump’s taxes? Rachel Maddow already “leaked” his taxes from 2005 and he paid a crap ton of taxes that year.

  10. Folks: Trumps tax returns dating back to 1990 will reveal dirty business dealings with Russia. Back the in nineties Trump was one billion in debt from his bad business deals.  Also, the USSR changed to Russia, and all Russian (government) factories were evenly distributed to the Russian citizens in the form allocated shares. Most the Russians didn't value those shares as meaningful financial assets, so thus sold their shares (for pennies on a dollar) to smart Russian businessmen who went on to be billionaire oligarchs flush with billions.  The oligarchs sought to get their money out of Russia. So? They laundered their money by buying Trumps condos and other real-estate at wildly inflated prices, thus helping Trump to "get, out of the hole".  I believe Trump/Kushner have maintained a business relationship with Russia to this day.  Nancy, GET THOSE TAX RECORDS AND MAKE THEM PUBLIC!

  11. More propaganda and sensationalism, no surprise. The Southern District of New York investigation has had them for 2 years now and nothing to see, nada. Does everyone forget this man has been the most investigated individual on the face of this earth for over two years now. Over 20 million of tax payers cash and what do they have… zilch, we are all still waiting.

  12. Trump wants to hide 3 things:
    1. How little actual taxes he pays.
    2. How he's not a rich as he has been saying.
    3. All the foreign money(Russian & Saudi Arabia) that comes into the Trump organization.

  13. There is nowhere in the Constitution where a president or politician has to release their tax returns republicans thinks that it’s funny that y’all have to play dirty because you know y’all cannot beat him straight up that’s why there are so many investigations against Trump that have not been proven because y’all are that desperate and in 2020 Democrats will be so focused on beating each other Trump will get reelected

  14. ALL of Trumps actions are NOT the actions of an innocent man.

    And if Trump is indeed guilty of crimes… These Republicans should be charged as accessories..

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