Winter Storm Paralyzes the U.S.

Across the South, falling trees, ice and snow leave almost a half million people without power.


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  1. so the woman 4days no power 100 year mother laughs
    Sick child evacuated parents so worried they have nice smiles .
    You americanos take first place when idiots are in question.
    You folks never take life seriously .
    Of course the are exceptions to that . Just talking about the 99%

  2. We have back up heat,propane,and getting wood stove in December. Got tons of camping gear,and emergency food, We load up on water before power goes out, fill the tub so we can use the toilet,Wine Rum,Southern Comfort,Beer, good to go. Hardest part making a trail for the dogs to get out side. best tip O ca offer,park car 1.5 feet from the street,and line up other cars end to end,close,go out every 1.5 hours,shovel the 1/2 inches keep plow pile low,clear off cars. I learned this living thru lake effect snow.Next mornng I take a beach chair, Sirius radio booming the Jimmy Buffet station and a good drink,shovel my little bit of snow,sit down and watch my neighbors break their back balls and heart,I have 2 inches,they got two feet to clean up. who is laughing now?

  3. We have entered a grand solar minimum the weather over the next year s will become worse food crop s will suffer so will you and those you love learn more at grand solar minimum. Adapt 2030. The ice age farmer. Suspicious observer and the opphimer ranch project. It’s real

  4. Обычная "Русская Зима". Под Крастоярском зимой бывает и до -50, это нормально. И снега выпадает порою до 3-4 метров.

    Why do you think their biggest agenda is Global Warming – To bring in the One World Order through fear and ignorance!
    Hollywood drama sells more than truth………

  6. So it's end of year 2017 and people in the USA still lose power in their homes when snow comes.. wtf? Take a look at Norway/FIN/SWE and they have no truble to keep their power with A LOT more snow than this.. Makes me wonder if those power lines/cables are from the "stone age".

  7. The bottom line is, is that these states are not equipped for this sort of weather. The roads, homes, businesses, and trees are not used to this sort of weather and are being destroyed and damaged.

    Have some empathy and stop making fun of the areas and the people who are suffering during this difficult time!

    My prayers go out to every family that is being effected. xoxo

  8. I loved Winter Storm!!!! I enjoyed the snow alot and I can't wait for another one. I'm so excited and it's alot of fun! 😀

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