Woman calls 911 saying daughter ingested pills and was unresponsive: Part 4

Bree Wallace was concerned her sister Ashley hadn’t come out of her room one morning, went to check on her and found her unresponsive. Stacey Castor called 911.


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  1. Part 5:
    The mom types up a fake "suicide/confessions letter" from her daughter Ashley. She uses the word "antifree" in it several times and she's also the only one in the house that used Microsoft word, which it was typed in. No one in the house accessed it past 2:27 pm on that day & she was in school.
    The daughter nearly died thankfully didn't. She has no contact with this vile creature whom gave birth to her so many years ago.

    I can't remember what they actually did say in this part or not. I just watched the forensic files episode on this case.

  2. ABC post it all together! once we see there isn’t part five we won’t be checking up to see if you’ve posted part 5. It actually hurts you. Omg this is really stupid

  3. this is how you make the internet hate you @ABC News
    where the fk is part 5?
    I cant even imagine that there is someone working at your office, just deciding to skip the upload for the ending

  4. Anyone have the link to part 5? I hate that every time I watch one of these multiple part series, the last piece always seems to be missing and I'm wondering if they purposely do that now.

  5. ABC: please learn how to use the cards at the end so we can see the next episode. It’s not coming up on suggested and it’s really difficult to find the next part.
    Check how the Crime Watch Daily channel does it. They make it easy to binge watch

  6. If you don't give them all the VERY SAME TITLE, then ScrewgleTube doesn't associate them as parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Instead it relates them as merely related by their subject and thus other titles score higher for placement in up next on autoplay. You'd think techs at major media news goon propaganda channels would know this about youtube and the already thoroughly well expressed dismay at how this idiocracy is operating. It's all right here in the comments, people saying, WTF!? About the THOROUGH DISORGANIZATION of stories trying to force interaction on some better controllable platform, engaging the goons on their preferred network so they get edit ability. How tough is it going to be to get all questions answered about Stacey Castor totally avoiding ABC News as being any part source, reference wikipedia or something…? Why think you can dominate delivery of this news by click baiting people into frustration with your half tale. Everybody that's here, it would seem, is sitting on the ability to get the story elsewhere much easier than to dance through your hoops and that should be evident on the first put off as if a pro news org can come up with good cause to clickbait us like this. In the future, knowing your news goonery, whatever you report, I'd be better to search it for reporting elsewhere. Nab the title or the intro. Search the particulars about the person so reported to be the subject of the story and end the read there on the news goon site, swap to real media pushing whole truths.

    On wikipedia, 8 references out of 30 go to ABC, but at least you don't have to sit through 4 parts to never get the full story.
    Castor was found dead in her cell on the morning of June 11, 2016.[28] It was not apparent how she died and the manner of her death was undetermined.[29] It was later determined by the D.A.'s office that Castor died of a heart attack, with no evidence of suicide or foul play.
    So, that's how that story ended.

  7. You have to exume corpses and have a dedicated cop and police system to find justice against these criminal mothers…

  8. Thanks fuck tards for not posting part 5. I had to google it to find out what happened to the daughter. I will not watch anything you post again.

  9. @ABC what The fuck is wrong with you guys?! You haven't uploaded the ending, plenty of people have complained yet still nothing. What an awful YouTube channel!

  10. This story is on forensics files and other channels in full. This woman was convicted after trying to kill and frame her own daughter. Very sick woman, she deserves to stay locked up for the rest of her life! Don’t want on this stupid channel, so many times they break it up in 6 parts needlessly and sometime they don’t upload the last part.

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