YouTube beauty influencer loses millions of followers

James Charles, 19, was publicly criticized in a viral video by beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook, a mentor who helped launch his career.

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  1. Tati didn't "publicly attack" james… she explained what he had done wrong due to the fact that fans were sending her hate for not doing so sooner.

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  3. Laura Lee(loses a million subscribers)
    James Charles: Hold my Starbucks bitch.

    Also he clearly ripped off Laura Lees apology she should sue him for plagiarism and she at least used eye drops to make it looked like she was crying he just wiped his skin.

  4. For those of us getting ready to string up this (very young) celebrity…let us remember that Tati Westbrook's primary motivation for publicly destroying James Charles was that he posted an online ad for her business rival. As wrong as his predatory behavior is, her base motivation was/is shitty. Karma is a very real thing. Gain without guidance can be ill-advised, and we are living in a time frame where 15 year olds are made famous millionaires for prank videos and makeup artists are rockstars. It is not outrageous to think that good judgment pays the price here.

  5. It seemed to be that people on Instagram Twitter Youtube and all these platforms of social media believe when crying social behavior happens that it should make news what your platform is news as long as people are watching it it's a part of social news so it becomes a part of Prime Time news you cannot separate it deal with reality because if someone posted a client with this cell phone on YouTube the cops go on YouTube and check out these things if a kid gets in a fight and posted in Twitter on Facebook I'm back on causes violence that is evidence that evidence can be used in court. So all of you open up your eyes the news have the right to broadcast this news with the young man I'm basically the lesson is stay in your lane sexually I'm if you have a friend that helps you out enough friend is disappointed that you're not listening that's friend goes on YouTube I'm broadcasting feelings they have their rights it becomes news especially when you're losing money and corporate sponsor 19 does not stop you from learning real lesson in the business world I want Loyalty means you can't have it both ways people Young Generation you create this platform these are consequence

  6. Gay and transgender need to stay in their own lane they need to respect others sexual groups I'm the younger ones are very aggressive with their sexuality the breve is open door for wall this lesson he's learning and he's learning it the right way the hard way he needs to learn it now because he has a lot more to learn as he gets older he is not too young to learn and this is what it's going to take he learns consequence happens too bad behavior

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