LG V30 vs HTC U11: first look

In this PhoneArena comparison, LG V30 vs HTC U11, LG’s latest phablet goes out against HTC’s top phone for 2017. The interesting thing about the V30, though, is that it’s a radical departure from its predecessor, now embracing a brand new, stylish glass design, as well as a more mainstream form-factor that gets rid of the secondary display, which was a stand-out feature in the V20 and V10.

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  1. U11 is a better content creators phone. It has audio focus which is better than point and zoom focus that you can do with filmic pro, and the color filters are available on other apps. The u11 has better stereo speakers, it still has dust resistant, it has a much better front facing camera at 16mp. The u11 also has a much better OIS and bigger sensor in the rear which can produce great stable shots at much higher frequency. It's also easier to add lens kits to the u11 than the v30. While it is disappointing the u11 dropped the headphone jack, the dongle* still offers htcs high Rez audio. The htc u11 also comes in the box with U sonic headphones which lg only offers limited time of release headphones like they did with the v20, so a month later and no high quality headphones with the v30. Htc skins also offers performance overclocks safely for high demanding apps, which even if lg uses a better chip their software underclocks the processor. You can do a geek bench test of their previous v20 and watch the performance noticeably slower to other phones using the same chip. HTC u11 also promised 2 or 3 years of consistent updates, which lg is notorious for not updating their devices and will go for a year without any updates but security patches by the provider and not lg. Overall, the better phone I see is HTC u11

  2. For some reason I'm still skeptical about LG's Battery. I now own the Google Pixel XL as an upgrade from the G4. The G4 was a replacement from my HTC m7 and for some weird reason after a few months of use the battery life was extremely bad. I had to buy aftermarket 6000mha battery as a replacement. Google Pixel XL didn't wow me for its hardware, but the software and battery definitely better in so many ways.

  3. I'm ok with the HTCU11 size to get that subwoofer and dual sound modes.The external sound is amazing. I think the HTCU11 is more well rounded overall for sound and vision. Plus the squeeze is more useful when wearing gloves. The ability to tune the headphones to your ears is fantastic, but I mostly use Bluetooth for audio anyway…even when in the car or to DJ (yes…I've used cellphones to professionally DJ parties with eDJing). Headphone jacks aren't important in the 21st century.

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