Life of the Party

When her husband suddenly dumps her, longtime dedicated housewife Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) turns regret into re-set by going back to college…landing in the same class and school as her daughter, who’s not entirely sold on the idea. Plunging headlong into the campus experience, the increasingly outspoken Deanna—now Dee Rock— embraces freedom, fun and frat boys on her own terms, finding her true self in a senior year no one ever expected.


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  1. An Examination and Critical Analysis of Melissa McCarthy using Qualitative Number. Document also for any interested, but mostly just for my Soul of Love. Only one specific Number comment included.

    Melissa Ann McCarthy 696 112 191 819
    Melissa McCarthy 696 191 797
    August 26, 1970 888=6

    7 7
    8 8 8 6
    9 9

    Conclusion: Melissa McCarthy is an immoral influence, particularly on children and teenagers. Genius brings serious flaws. Jim Carrey's new philosopher-fraud phase demonstrates this.

    Prepared by Daorley Downy, August 15, 2018
    dob May 1, 1951 . Philippines 2008- : 3rd wife, Cuti . daughter Lauryne (Canada, 2nd wife) .
    former porn freak 1967-2017 . office worker 1970-2005 . blues singer/guitarist 1968-2009 . security guard 1978-81 . vegetarian, no substances . bodybuilder 2009- . Qualitative Number philosopher 1970- (source Kabalarians) . authority on angels, morality, Spiritual Law and Justice (Law of Karma) . "wise" fool . recluse 2017- .

    Intro and Summary: Melissa, your comic talent is unquestionable, but I'm here to criticize you as you are an immoral influence, especially on kids. I am only recently qualified to tell you this, having quit my porn habit of 50 years in 2017 (I saw a black abyss waiting for me and I just could not go there. You just may face a similar abyss one day.)

    I am not a hypocrite; I'm your most qualified critic. You have inner beauty, but you have a sex problem, which means basic mental illness when it becomes an obsession. Despite all the beauty of sex and sexuality, there are just "places in Life" that are not worth going to, and habits that will only harm us in the long term, tho they might seem OK up to a certain point in time. I'm not just talking to you here, Melissa, but to others as well coz you are probably "too far gone", as most of us tend to get unless we are "awakened" by a crisis. If you were my little sister, I would have nothing to do with you. You would be dismissed as worthless and hopeless, and I wouldn't speak a single word to you, ever. It wouldn't matter now "nice" you were.

    This is a study of a woman of immoral influence who includes "bad" and tasteless sexual examples in her movies. The problem in this goes beyond Melissa, and in some way affects the lives of all us angels. Very few understand how dangerous our sexuality and its power is. Giving the greatest physical pleasure, sex is also a dangerous trap for the mind in that the mind often too easily "gives in to sex's power", and when this happens, the mind, that should be "the boss" of us, becomes a slave of sex, and so do we. It's like now our boss is cleaning the washroom instead of helping us to do our jobs. In this metaphor that might be OK, but when symbolic Love is missing from the picture (such as when nobody cares the boss is doing that), it's a weird, nasty situation. Sex is natural, but it becomes the horrific MAJOR SIN OF LUST if there is no REAL LOVE along with it (i.e. Spiritual Love — if for a spouse, for example, being COMMITTED FOR LIFE to loving and caring for just that one special partner (at least both believing it's real love and committing, even tho we may eventually realize it wasn't real Love); and NEVER possessing them or just basically using them like a piece of meat for our own selfish pleasure. (The cleric at the best wedding for such would say "I now pronounce you man and plastic vagina.") A true lover doesn't care if sex and orgasm even happen within a long period; with real lovers things like just horsing around, giggling about anything, and being just as innocent as children are ESSENTIAL AND FAR MORE IMPORTANT than endless hours of moaning, sighing and grunting. When we focus on sex, and foolishly think we cannot survive without "getting laid", there's little hope for us. If we really love our partner, sex will just happen when it happens; there's no point in thinking much about it at all, for that is where the danger of sex lies — in thinking about it at all, really. Our problem is we're not animals who do everything naturally, and we don't know to live as human beings should yet. We've been ignorant of what we are from the start, and the evil price for our ignorance is getting steeper all the time.

    We are spiritual and sexual beings, but the spiritual must always predominate or there is trouble. "Passions make good servants but bad masters". Thus Christ said, "Get thee behind me, Satan". "Satan" here is just our natural desires for sex, food, etc. If we indulge in those too much, they are "in front of us" and effectively in control of us, leading us around. Listen to a tape of death angel Harvey Weinstein "desperately" pleading and pressuring for a show of tit like he was certain he'd die without it. This was a monster completely enslaved, out of control, and dangerous. The power of sex is such similarly destructive obsessions can control almost anyone in time. And teenagers just at and after puberty are the angels most vulnerable to sex's power, and the most ignorant beings, not realizing that sex should ALWAYS be accompanied by Love, and that if it isn't, they might as well dig a hole and jump in, coz they are playing a VERY DANGEROUS GAME. For a teenager to be eternally self-damned (meaning no hope of Love or real happiness for life), BELIEVE IT OR NOT, all that is needed is about three sex sessions with someone they just want but do not really love, the latter usually verified by hardly knowing the sex partner.

    So dear Melissa, the above paragraph clarifies (to me at least) why it is my duty to be a defender of morality and warn the perceptive about your immoral influence through just short scenes in your movies. I'll only mention one scene, the worst of all so far: your "sex in the library" scene with a blowjob (of course not explicit) of a college boy in "Life of The Party". Your nice eyes pathetically looking up afterwards? DISGUSTING, Melissa! Not your eyes, but the sin of sex without love. Lots of viewers thinking, like your character, "Aw, that's sweet" and perhaps feeling that that kind of loveless, soulless thing is actually OK in real Life. What a horrific CROCK opening the doorway to hell! I recommend that parents of children or teenagers BAN that movie from their homes. To the warning I might add: "This movie may make even grandmothers throw up". (I'm a comedian too). One doesn't have to have explicit sex for an immoral influence to exist; all that is required is the idea of what's going on. There are some other questionable scenes in your other movies; it's a shame that those are effectively ruined. We can't help what we are too quickly, but if we have a problem with perversity and tastelessness, we have no right to expose viewers of ANY age to it.

    Melissa, this is about your Numbers: Briefly, what I see in their imbalance is mental problems and lovelessness. The four "9" qualities at the bottom of your chart are a "bad sign". They show that your love and compassion are severely challenged. If I see even two "9" qualities at the bottom I feel like an old gypsy turning up a death card….Sorry…. It's not easy being me, but I can't hold Truth back too much. There is no happiness without Number…. Love and Truth, Daorley Downy.

  2. The following is an extract from my "Love Letter" to Gillian Jacobs (full text at ) discussing Melissa McCarthy's immoral influence:

    Billions of beings — like your cast mate Melissa McCarthy — are subhuman beings, i.e. either confirmed or virtual death angels. I was a virtual death angel — a love angel that hasn't yet taken The Fall — for about 40 years in limbo, which is a lesser "place" of punishment for sin that a love angel can escape from if they stop their sins of Self-abusive indulgence. For the fallen angels, there is no escape from hell on earth…. No doubt you realized something like that, or perhaps just how horrific a life wasted through sin is. You became a teetotaller at a young age. Good for you.

    I posted a piece on Melissa McCarthy stating that she was an immoral influence, a conclusion reached with respect to her "sex in the library" scene in "Life of The Party" and a number of other tasteless scenes in her movies that prove she has a problem with sex, meaning mental illness, and has a compulsion to shamelessly expose viewers to her perverse rubbish, and and effectively trying to influence them in a controlling and dominating way (much like a flasher does). This behaviour is basically an attempt to corrupt viewers by dragging them down to Melissa's own level of sexual obsession; the behaviour is more likely to be unconscious than conscious, and if the former it should be forgiven as a compulsion due to mental illness. However, the breaking of the Great Spiritual Law of Love can never be forgiven by Nature or God's Law which is completely impersonal, and Its retribution through bad karma for the error is inevitable. Shamelessness is a sign of the death angel or depraved degenerate. Whether Melissa is a confirmed death angel or demon like Harvey Weinstein I cannot say; it's not easy to determine angel status, but she is definitely at least a virtual death angel, which is a "love angel gone wrong". Melissa's husband Ben Falcone's no doubt dispassionate and teasing but nevertheless revealing comment regarding Melissa on set was "She's a monster". Ben is concerned about their kids seeing, in the future, the "food sex" scene added to the end of "Bridesmaids"; it is to his credit that his conscience is working. The couple's relationship looks like the typical death angel-love angel relationship in which the love angel (seemingly Ben) is abused by the other more questionable and dominant angel. I read a lady YouTube user's comment that she was tired of Melissa's endless references to every possible aspect of a vagina; that it just wasn't funny anymore and never really was; that Melissa doesn't seem to realize that she's demeaning herself by such; and that the user was going to avoid watching Melissa's movies. That genius is frequently accompanied by mental illness and lovelessness (the incapacity to love oneself) is also demonstrated by Jim Carrey's new philosopher-fraud phase. I hope that you NEVER descend into the rubbish poor Melissa is into. Respectfully, Daorley Downy.

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