MH370 pilot dipped plane’s wing over hometown before crashing flight

A new report by “60 Minutes Australia” is raising the possibility that the pilot of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed the plane intentionally. CBS News contributor and former chair of the National Transportation Safety Board Mark Rosenker says the idea that the pilot deliberately brought the plane down is a possibility, but the truth will never be known until the wreckage is recovered.


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  1. A lot of you guys don’t seem to realize how incredibly vast and deep the ocean truly is. It’s hard to fathom when you’re just sitting at home. There is also no radar covering those portions of the Earth. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

  2. American Garbage Theories. if there is nothing for evidence, its stolen and hidden. boeing knows everything about its technology!!!! In the name of Yahweh, the perpetrators and all of their their conspirators are cursed till the end of times, eternally. CHSC +++

  3. Nobody knows what happened so don’t come up with fantasy conclusions . The victims families have been treated so poorly it’s ridiculous. My theory is that the copilot was suffering from a condition called : Texting while flying ! It’s not sure but it’s a possibility and it simply made him completely preoccupied mentally and cabable of doing anything that makes absolute no sense at all . But this will never be solved and the victims remain abused and their families too !

  4. There's no black box or any useful debris found from MH370 and 60 Minutes speculate what happen to the missing airplane as facts. The lack of evidences and simply treat speculation as prove reminds me of Ancient Aliens.

  5. It's been how many years now ??? They are just finding this out ? Seriously ???? Anybody talk to the family to explore pilot's mental health or what was going on with him ???? C'mon !!!! What are we NOT being told ????!!!

  6. The sharks was so hungry that they prayed to Jesus for some dead body’s from the sky spirits, So Jesus offered the pilot a free ticket to heaven by simply telling the pilot to nose dive the plane into the sea where there was a magical portal to heaven, but the people would have to suffer a massive G force until there where a complete violent stop in the water that no human can survive. 3 minuets later 200 souls left the body and went through a tunnel of light to heaven then a few hrs later, the Sharks had a big thanksgiving feast themselves, after that they all started singing and dancing. LOL

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