ADB on Raspberry Pi, Xbox 360 Wireless Cont. on Nexus 7, Big Android BBQ Beginnings!

This has been another great week at the XDA Portal. XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan covers all the news you need to know to keep up to date on mobile phone developments. Jordan mentions the Raspberry Pi getting ADB. Jordan mentions this weeks XDA Developer TV Videos, with XDA Developer TV Producer Lance continuing his Windows App series and XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviewing FTP Server Ultimate.

In Jelly Bean news Jordan mentions Android version 4.1.2 available for the Motorola Defy and Defy+. Finally, Jordan talks pairing your device with an Xbox 360 controller with your Nexus 7. Pull up a chair and check out this video.

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Links to stories mentioned:
Android 4.1.2 Build Now Available for Motorola Defy & Defy+:
Pair a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller with a Nexus 7:
ADB Fully Working on Raspberry Pi:
How to Build a Windows Phone App Part 4: JSON Class — XDA Developer TV:
App Review: Run a FTP Server on Android with FTP Server Ultimate — XDA Developer TV:

Jordan’s YouTube Channel:
Jordan’s Gaming Channel:


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  1. great video as always, but there were some really old news there XD I have my defy with jellybean for weeks now, and with 4.1.2 since like a day after the official release (If I remember well). Besides, the Quarx release is extremely stable, onle de camcorder has some very minor issues. But again, the more people know about these things the better so great work!!!

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