Amazon's Kindle Fire Line Business Strategy — Good or Bad?

Recently, Amazon announced new products in the Kindle Fire product
line. We have long heard that Amazon sells their Kindle tablets at a
loss. They sell them for less than it costs them to make it. While
this helps keep the price point low, is it a wise investment for
Amazon? What is the point of this strategy?

XDA Developer TV Producer azrienoch is here to give his opinion on
Amazon’s Kindle Fire line business strategy. Is it a wise thing for
Amazon to sell their Kindle Fire products at a loss to make sure that
customers are in the Amazon content ecosystem? Do any other
manufactures have the ability to replicate this? To find out
azrienoch’s answers to these questions, check out this video.

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  1. "…can't get to biggest OEM in the world by copying other people's ideas."

    Well… Apple's proof that you can. Copy it all, mix it up into a recipe and regurgitate it in iForm. 🙂

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