Android Google Voice Search versus the new iOS Google Search

Phil takes a quick look at Google Now versus the new version of Google Search for iOS. Voice search versus voice search!


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  1. Does either app make you feel less ridiculous barking orders at your phone? I am totally drooling waiting for the Nexus 4 up in Canada BUT (and maybe I'm just being shortsighted here) I don't see a future in voice searching. It's awkward and I feel ridiculous using it in public. Thought searching would be better but I think we're a few years away from that!

  2. I just sold my Gnex, and buying the Nexus 4 when it comes out, but I'll admit anytime that iOS is a lot smoother/nicer than Android. I use Android for extra functionality, but there's just no denying how smooth iOS is…

  3. No know what's funny? The words are updated real time on iOS but it uses transcode symbol for Android.

    As Larry Page said in the Oracle trial, Android is not critical to Google's success. Thus this. I like Android (only nexus, everything else is pure garbage for the amount of time you need to wait for update) but I hate when the guy won't even stand behind his products.

  4. It's true. Google Search is better and can answer more questions on iOS6 than Andriod. I also like how the words appear in real time on the iOS6 version. You can even ask it silly Siri-like questions like "what is love" and it will reply back with something funny and interesting. I hope Google Search for Andriod is this good on 4.2 – if not, heads should roll.

  5. From the looks of it, ios sometimes give more info, what's funny is they can make an app for Jo's but not for ICS.

  6. Google is primarily an search/advertising company. There is a huge advertising market on Apple devices. It would be completely foolish for Google ignore that market.

  7. I think their reasoning is that they want to entice the public to the android ecosystem. If they were to remove all apps at once, & 'bash it', the general public will see the move as an act of war and will give google a negative public image. What they're doing now does have advantages to them, once iPhone users realize that all the apps that they use and love are better than apple's equivalents, they might want to join the android experience. Also Google isn't really a hostile company.

  8. It is clear to me that it is a win-win situation. We can't deny that there are millions of iOS users that are Google's users also. And by bringing this to iOS, Google has reached those potential customers.

  9. I think thats their point, they want their technology running on apple, its like having a spy, the more they keep adding, the more influence they will have on their enemy.

  10. Google programs work better on ios than they do on android. Another proof that android is not as fast or as stable as ios. Plus the hardware isn't as good.

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