Asus ZenPad Z8 Review

The Asus ZenPad Z8 is a fun tablet that excels when it comes to simple media consumption. Although it isn’t going to blow you away with an amazing design or ultra-fast processing power, the 2K display shines as the device’s key selling point. Price-wise, you’re looking at at $250 no-contract price tag or $150 should you choose to sign a 2-year service with Verizon. Watch our review to learn more.

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  1. "….16GB ROM and option to add more storage seems to not be a problem with storage " !?!?!?!? WHAT ???!?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING OUT OF YOUR BRAIN ???!!!! WHERE DO YOU THINK I WILL INSTALL MY 22GB OF APP/GAMES ?????!?!?!!?! FUCKING IDIOT GO AND FUCKING LEARN FIRST ABOUT ANDROID THEN MAKE VIDEOS ……FUCKING HELL ///////////

  2. I own many tablets including high end and ipad and the screen on this is the most beautiful. it is so very life like. Simply amazing! you feel like your in the movie/video. Noticeably better than the iPad and Samsung S2. Only issue I have is it does not allow you to move apps to the SD card but other than that its the perfect tablet for a low price. Its about the same price as the kindle fire 10 inch but much much better. Amazing high quality device.

  3. Not a terrible review, but the intro reminds me of elementary school speeches buddy! Its unnecessary man, just get into the review

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