Best Fitness Trackers – How I lost 30+ lbs!

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  1. If one is committed to caring properly for a working dog.. it can be the BEST fitness motivation! Hiking, running, walking, even trying to throw the ball far.. They force you to be active! I personally love my German Shepherds!

  2. I love my RIVERSONG fitness tracker which cost only 20 dollars on Dealnews, Love its blood pressure/heart rate monitor functions.

  3. Keeping NEAT high makes sense, assuming diet is addressed. Exercise is of course something I promote, but without dietary adherence the Data suggests that it's not effective at log term Weight loss alone.

    – CJ

  4. there is no best fitness tracker. they are all bullshit but if they have the placebo effect of making you work harder then go right ahead just don't spend a fortune on one as you can just download apps to do the same thing.

  5. If you're a dedicated athlete there's not many if any trackers that can beat the forerunner 935. Emphasis on dedicated because most average athletes or people just loosing weight won't need all of the features it offers.

  6. The Apple Watch rocks every fitness tracker in gps software etc… and that’s why its selling better then any other fitness tracker..

  7. LOL what an ad. I admit garmin does make some pretty good fitness trackers but fitbit's are all trash compared to bands like the Gear Fit 2 and the mi 2

  8. hello Android Authority i'm sorry to bother you, but i have one question.

    is the "s4 mini" headphones audio acceptable ? i listen to music a lot, and i have to choose between a "xperia z2" and a samsung "s4mini"
    i sincerely like the samsung more, but is it good enough to play music in my headphones?

  9. It isn't the fitness tracker that helps you lose weight, it's your own MOTIVATION. You could buy the best tracker and lose nothing at all, because you're EXPECTING something automatically. But if you take initiative and do it yourself without having to rely on a piece of technology to remind you (basically a naggy Asian mom), you are more likely to keep it up with a more positive attitude. If you must rely on a tiny screen strapped to your wrist, it isn't really YOU, who is doing the self-improvement. Therefore, I think the title of this video is misleading for people who want to lose weight but don't know the best way to. Anyway, just my opinion, don't kill me.

  10. Great job, and keep Jayce up the good work. You are looking really good. Just remember that good nutrition is key. Fat loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise.

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