Casio Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20 Hands-on

Casio’s got a new smartwatch for CES 2017, the Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20. If this ruggedized Android wear Model looks familiar, there’s good reason for that, as the manufacturer has returned with a follow-up up to last year’s WSD-F10 that hits a lot of the same design notes, but comes across as maybe even a little more aggressive-looking than its predecessor.
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  1. It should be square instead of trying to look like an analogue watch. It’s a shame that Casio is not as it use to be.

  2. Часы хорошие, но мне не нравиться такие которые надо подзаряжать, а вдруг условия такие что нету зарядки тогда что не искать же розетки ))

  3. A used Garmin Nuvi 245/250/255 in your pocket does just as much and at $12 on eBay is a hell of a lot cheaper than a $500 protrek. Put an SD card in it and you can even install open source topo maps for hiking.

    Downside: you have to be outside to pick up the satellite signal, to get the time… which btw is satellite atomic accurate… as there is no internal time keeping clock in the Nuvi unit to maintain the time when off. So get a cheap casio $15/$25 AE1200 or something for your wrist, and have a whole map of the US in your pocket. The silver version $25 Ae1200 looks very sharp so splurge an extra $10 for the metal band silver version.

    You'll impress the girls a lot with your clever thriftiness, and they'll appreciate that you have $450 left over to pick them up and take them out on dates or to a reasonable priced dinner at a real restaurant like a Chinese All you can eat buffet, unlike the foolish guy with the $500 watch that only had enough money left to buy them a mushed valuburger at the McDonalds drive thru.

    Thank me later when you live happily ever after…

  4. every little shit is called smart these days. unless there is a new battery technology that can feed these things, these thing shall remain useless. not to mention you won't be able to see shit under a bright sun. I hate fucking touch screen.

  5. I'm very sorry I bought this model.
    1. no sound alarm, sound buttons, reminder.
    Only vibration.
    2. Color displays in daylight are very pale and misty. I made a comparison with garmin fenix 5 x 3. The chain is from nasty material.
    4. The battery does not live for 1 month at all. Comparison with Sunto and Garmin.
    But I can not believe that there is a cassio clock without sounds !!! 🙁
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  6. Stick to pro-trek, forget all the smart watch, gps nonsense. Outdoor watch that needs frequent recharge is not an outdoor watch, tough solar is the way to go.

  7. I don't understand, its a ProTrek watch for long hiking trips and climbing mountains, requires a power source to function properly…

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