Contest: Win XDA's Favourite Phone and Tablet of 2011!

XDA has voted for the best phone and tablet of 2011! See the phone poll here: and the tablet poll here:

You must submit a video response to this video telling us which device you want to win, and why. Try to be as creative/interesting/funny as possible. XDA staff will determine which five will be finalists, and the XDA community will vote on the winners. Deadline for submission is 26 December, so get going!

And yes, contest is open to everyone in the world.


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  1. Check out my Video ! Please be easy on me with ur comments !


    If you really feel that you hate it … feel free to express your anger in a different video 😀 > jk :P. Good Luck all ! 🙂

  2. Just if you guys have not sen this yet! = D Thanks! /watch?v=2HPc4DHFkN4&list=UUpI9pDFJspTY0Is1aslwpKw&index=1&feature=plcp

  3. If you still didn't watch my entry (or you want to watch it again :D) .
    go ahead youtu . be/y0LDjmxdmcc (When fruits attack) I'm sure you will enjoy it.
    Thank you ;D

  4. I have created a video response and uploaded it, it isn't showing up anywhere yet, so I am slightly concerned, it is my fist ever you tube video.

  5. Submitted a video response with the title: "RE: Xda-developers Contest"
    Thank you so much for the chance Xda !!!

  6. Find out how I scheme to steal Sam's beloved Transformer… until I saw this competition!

    Check out my vids to see my entry!

    If I don't win, I'm coming for it, Mr. Caplat!


  7. I'm gonna ente- Oh.. we need to make a video response? Well fuck. Looks like I'm not going to win. *crawls back under a rock to be awkward*

  8. @percz This IS a well mannered Brit… I live in South East England, and just in the last week in my local area, there was an armed robbery, a smash and grab (at a chip shop O_o) and a cat with her kittens were found abandoned and close to death…
    I'm glad I don't live in a city to be honest

  9. @wow2k6 idk man ive dropped my ipod like a million times and it works great 5th gen classic and those use 1.8" drives maybe 2.5" are more susceptible then 1.8" drives i guess

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