Daily Deal: 55% off Samsung Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

Samsung’s Galaxy devices have supported Qi wireless charging since the Galaxy S6, and modern Galaxy flagships support fast wireless charging as well. Wireless charging is handy when you want to be able to quick grab your phone, use it for a bit, and throw it back on the charger. It’s also very convenient: You can simply drop your phone on the wireless charger to start charging instead of searching for the USB cable and putting it into your phone’s USB port every time its battery needs a top up.

And if you are looking to enter the world of wireless charging or upgrade your existing wireless charger, there’s a great deal going on right now: A 55% discount on Samsung’s Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand. This charger supports fast charging and props up your phone vertically so you can operate the display without taking the phone off the charger.

Use the Buy Now button below to grab one before stock runs out and the price goes back up!

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