Droid Pro hands-on redux

Phil takes one last look at the Motorola Droid Pro Android 2.2. smartphone.


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  1. @pyro74boy Some people like me don't want to pay extra money for 4g. I live in an area where 4g will be coming but will likely not be paying extra for it. I think that it is fair that they charge for faster network but I don't care to buy it. Besides, with the battery drain I would likely never have it on anyway (like gps).

  2. With 4G phones coming out early next year [2011] I on Verizon I still fail to see the point of buying any 3g phones right now. I think the ones that don't wait are going to hate themselves for it that is why I am going to wait for mine.

  3. I sent my Dell Streak back because when i tried angry birds… its was choppy and all around WACK! i'm waiting for my Samsung Focus now.

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