EggDrop App [SassiBoB Review]

Today on XDATV SassiBoB rocks a new app by EggCartel Inc. called EggDrop. With a great user interface and more privacy features, this craigslist-like app is a great choice for all you thrift addicts out there. In this video, BoB quickly shows you the app, makes references to Asian food, the craigslist killer and our very own, Shen Ye.

Download it from the market:

SassiBoB on Twitter:!/SassiBoB


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  1. Dido, but she is definitely one HOT NERD.

    I eat Chinese food like 6 days a week, being that I work at PF Changs and probably made 60+ orders of Chang's Spicy chicken tonight. That's our version of General Tso's.

  2. 3 things i have 2 say.
    1. Are you crazy?
    2. Are those double Ds'?
    3. Who names a app after a competition of dropping an egg and making sure it doesn't break.

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