Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 Update, Best tablet for College Students?- AA Q&A – Welcome back to Android Authority Q&A. In this episode, we discuss the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4, the best tablet for college students, and even a little bit about atomic clocks.

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  1. For college you shouldn't be getting an Android tablet, you should get a Windows RT tablet, just because there's more capabilities for things that would actually be useful for well, college.

  2. I'm not sure they need the tablet to study… it's more like a super-mobile-big-screen. I own a note 10.1 and despite it's capability to write on it… it's not suitable to replace a notebook…

  3. You morons, nexus 7 does nothing, if you want a tablet for college take note 10.1 so you can write in it..or note 8.0 witch is cheeper, nexus 7 does nothing a student needs

  4. When is the nexus 5 most likely to be released and what specs do you think the phone will have? Is it worth waiting for the nexus 5? Or should I choose another phone?

  5. You guys are rocking but i think u r limiting yourself only to US….. Also concentrate on Indian & Chinese inhouse mobiles….. This can take your channel to next level…. With triple the views what you get…… I love your research b4 creating a video… You Guys ROCKK!!

  6. "most virgin one" Suggesting there are different levels of virgin when in fact you're either a virgin or not. Also like to remind you that you're also here watching the videos so before you go around saying things like that just think a bit first.

  7. If you have the Google version of the Samsung S4 you already have the 4.3 update.. I do.. the Google Play versions get the latest releases really soon after they are available! One reason to buy the google play version 😉

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