Google Chromecast Exploited and Rooted, Taking Photos with the Proximity Sensor on Xperia Z

The just released Chromecast device has a secure boot exploit and has been rooted. That and more are covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this weekend. Included in this week’s news is an article about the new Android 4.3 update process and news about taking photos with the proximity sensor on the Sony Xperia Z. Also, be sure to check out Jordan’s video on the Chromecast device.

Jordan talks about the other videos released this weekend on XDA Developer TV. XDA Developer TV Producer Jayce released a video talking about practical practices of developers, later he released a video getting Confessions from newly hired developers. Pull up a chair and check out this video.

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Sony Explains Improved Software Update Process for 4.3:
Take Photos with the Proximity Sensor on the Sony Xperia Z:
Jordan’s Google Chromecast Unboxing, Setup, and First Impressions:
Chromecast Secure Boot Exploit and Root:
Forum Added for the Nexus 7 (2013):
Practices of Practical Developers — XDA Developer TV:
Confessions of Newly Hired Developers — XDA Developer TV:

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  1. What can you do with chromecast rooted? When is the Xperia Z Ultra forum coming on xda? I have the phone and want to talk roms and roots

  2. lol by reading the tittle I thought someone found a way to take a photo using the proximity sensor AS A CAMERA sensor. Now DAT would be interesting… hhaha 😛

  3. Hey Jordan,

    Ive been a fan since TWIL, and I can honestly say that the Nexus 7 (2013) is AWESOME. I absolutely love it and TOTALLY recommend it if you're still considering it.

  4. sony still hasn't rolled out the 4.2.2 update for unbranded xperia z, yes I can either flash my phone myself or root it to get the update but its sad that they are leaving behind a portion of their users

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