How to Back Up Your Android – XDA TV

It’s important to back up your Android in case of data loss, theft, or other problems. In this video, Shen Ye shows us several methods for backing up your Android.


Titanium Backup:

Google+ for Android:
Big Android Barbecue:


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  1. mmmm is it possible to backup whole firmware??? what do i mean is backup the whole current ROM state that we use right now… into .ftf file……. is it possible?

  2. its better …better…not in your face vide and liked that apps on side thing too

    did you repeat yourself?….improve …improve..

  3. Hey Shen on my back up pro no it does not do that i can install all apps that are backed up with and does it automatically all at once like titanium backup.

    Just a Heads up there i have both versions i know this for a fact. Sometimes it may do 1 by 1 but for the most part it doesnt.

  4. To be fair, shen has come on here to help, yet so many trolls lol, seems there is a troll in all of us. Bet he knows everything you would want to know about your device, and how to modify it etc….

    Hey shen remember the red securi….. Agh forget it 😀

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