HP TouchPad Review

PhoneArena reviews the HP TouchPad. It was only back in February when the world was first introduced to the next level of webOS devices — with one of them being none other than the HP TouchPad. Nearly five months have passed by, and the world is finally getting its taste of the very first webOS 3.0 tablet in the HP TouchPad — but more importantly, some are curious to know how it stands against some of the titans in the market…
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  1. In some respects I agree with you. But some of the biggest advantages to the OS is NEVER explained in reviews you will fined on youtube. For example; Inductive Charging (touchstone) technology with Exhibition Mode, Synergy for over 20 online personal accounts, bluetooth connectivity for phone call forwarding to tablet, live Skype integration, Just Type with (Quick Actions), resizable keyboard and bezel gestures. These are just a few and all are built into webOS out of the box.

  2. ok. now everyone just shut the fuck up about apple. they already lost the war in the smart phone market. there going to lose tablet market soon. apple rain doesn't last forever people.

  3. A lot of people are defending web OS as though it deserves more respect and it guess it does due to its potential but when comparing it to basically any other tablet OS it is sub par and so is the touchpad itself. Dont get me wrong, Im getting a touchpad and i like the opportunity its created for the development community but be honest guys…put the touchpad and most other $500 tablet side by side and the other will out perform.

  4. also ios is not tablet optimized its just the same old ios in the ipod, iphone an now in mac os 10 so why the fuck hate on webos plus webos is way better then shitty android, honeycomb, and ios also my touchpad runs smoothly unlike what this is showing so if it i was i give the touchpad a chance rim copied and tried the same but the rim carshes and restarts with just 5 apps so stop saying that rim, ios or any honey comb tablet is better because it plain BULLSHIT

  5. this guy is fucking stupid hp said that its buggy because they sent a demo unit for reviewes also who the fuck is going be taking video with a tablet, like have you seen people take pictures or videos with a netbook dont think so thats why it is pretty stupid to have a rear camera and also note that its only .2 pounds heavier and a couple mm thicker and beats audio is whay better than those shitty ipad speakers an also webos3.0 is tablet optimized

  6. @jivraj4 haha the only thing this piece of shit has going for it is its "BEATS AUDIO". like beats is even able to produce any quality sound.

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