HTC One S initial walkthrough

Phil takes a quick spin through the HTC One S. Check out our full preview online:


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  1. -amoled*

    if the amoled is pentile its a waste, especially at qHD res…. if it was 720p AMOLED Pentile(like the GNexus) id be more forgiving

  2. Good tech writers don't limit their exposure to one platform. Android is far from perfect, just as with the iPhone, and it helps to see what you're missing (and what you're not).

  3. Only prob with this phone is no micro sd other tgan that its great most likley my next phone I wish it had a bigger battery nfc and hd screen

  4. how dare they to show an apple product on an Android review…. i like the look of the htc one s perhaps i'm gonna buy it 🙂

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