HTC Surround vs Apple iPhone 4

PhoneArena presents a thorough comparison of the HTC Surround and Apple iPhone 4.
In a classic clash of titans in the industry, we’re witnessing two relevant devices showcasing their respective platforms as they attempt to gain visibility amongst the crowded mix of smartphones out there…
For more details, check out our full comparison:


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  1. Just cause you cant afford it doesnt mean you should hate on it. Dick. What was the mp3 player like before apple….. oh yeah. it held like 30 songs.

  2. any reasons why?? you KNOW its not. What phones were good before the iphone, oh i remember a CAMERA PHONE or a RAZR? wooooow such a good phone. iphone reinvented the phone. Thats why google and all the other companies including copycat microsoft copied apple. Like now, microsoft made a tablet and every company makes a tablet ONLY AFTER apple makes one.

  3. @TheAppleFanDaily LOL "Linux is for EITHER SERVERS OR people who can't afford windows or MAC OS" you realize that OSX is a free UNIX distribution under GNU Licensing, using BSD source right? The only reason OSX costs like $20 is because although there is very little, there is some proprietary software bundled with it. The iPhone even uses Debian (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc) packages to install software. You don't know much about Apple, do you boy? OSX is dumbed down Linux.

  4. @ribafish66 hahaha I knew mentioning Linux would hit a high note with you , enjoy playing games on your computer you cheapskate oh wait you can't without emulating them plus I said android was shit not Samsung you tool and Linux is for EITHER SERVERS OR people who can't afford windows or MAC OS and why do I doubt your CEO of a major Internet based company and more or a defensive 14 year old who thinks whatever they own is the best

  5. @TheAppleFanDaily And another thing.Like i said Linux is used for handling servers because of its stability,security and robust design and the fact that Android is based on is only the plus.And maybe you didnt know since you are a stupid dumbfuck there a lots and lots of Linux distros and several UI and not every one handles great but if you know what are you doing (you dont cause you are a dumbass and people like you use overpriced Macs for idiots) it will work better than any OS out there.

  6. @TheAppleFanDailyUbuntu and Windows XP?Wow.Congratulations on dragging those two in the argument.Yes the latest version of the ubuntu is choppy and thats because of Unity.KDE and GNOME are great UI and Linux as a platform is very robust and thats why they are used for servers.And Apple makes high quality?Hmm cheap chinese glass that sorrounds the iPhone sure does look nice but it breaks easily compared to Samsung phones.And its obvious you never used Android Galaxy S II because its equaly smooth

  7. @TheAppleFanDaily Why stay from Android?Because your god Steve Jobs told you so?Less worshiping Steve Jobs and more thinking with your own head little buddy.

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