I hope the Galaxy Note 10+ gets a 256GB variant worldwide

Everyone knows the Galaxy Note 10+ is going to be costly. The regular Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be priced at $999/€999, the same as the Galaxy S10+, which was the most feature-packed model in the Galaxy S10 lineup. The Note 10+, meanwhile, will cost somewhere between $1149 and $1199 for the base variant going by all the rumors.

Naturally, the price will only climb for the variants with higher internal storage. And after seeing the pricing tiers for the Galaxy S10+, I’m hoping Samsung has a 256GB storage configuration available for the Galaxy Note 10+ worldwide.

Why? Hint: It has something to do with money

I talk about the Note 10+ because it’s no doubt going to be the more popular of the two Note 10s. The base variant for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ in European markets like Germany will reportedly have 256GB of storage, but Samsung probably isn’t going to offer the same courtesy to consumers in every country. And while it would be unfair to those consumers if they have to make do with 128GB of storage on the base variant, it would be even worse if the next storage configuration available to them is 512GB.

The reason for that is simple: Having no 256GB variant would mean there would be a considerable premium that customers have to pay if they don’t want the base variant with 128GB storage. The 512GB versions of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ had a $250 premium over the 128GB models, and that took the price of the 512GB S10+ up to $1249.

256GB variant will offer enough storage at a more palatable price

Perhaps the price difference wouldn’t have been so high if Samsung hadn’t insisted on equipping the 512GB Galaxy S10+ with a ceramic back. But it did, and what we got were some insane prices. More importantly, there was no middle ground for those who needed more than 128GB of internal storage but thought 512GB would be overkill (yes, 512GB can be overkill, especially if you use a microSD card for expanding your phone’s storage).

And since the Galaxy Note 10+ is already expected to cost anywhere from $150-$200 more than a Galaxy S10+, one can only imagine what price tag Samsung will attach to the 512GB model. If we consider the best case scenario, the 512GB variant would be priced at $1399. That is a lot of money, and that is why I’m hoping Samsung has the decency of selling the Note 10+’s 256GB configuration worldwide.

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