Incipio Silicrylic Hard Case – Samsung Galaxy S3 – Review & Installation

A review of the Incipio Silicrylic case for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

You can find these cases at Amazon.
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  1. guys I have this case and it is really sleek and it looks nice also very protective the volume rockers are very responsive as well as the on and off button I recommend this case 100%

  2. You would think they would show the button response when the case is on. Nice review of seeing the white phone tho in this case.

  3. Just letting everyone know once again that the white eventually turns yellow and then brownish even due to the natural oils in our skin. I've heard of others also having this same problem with the white and gray and im now getting the all black one to replace this. Just make sure you know this before you buy it. Mine started getting yellow about a week in.

  4. Just a heads up to all of you guys i bought this case at radioshack about 2 weeks ago and the whole white portion of the case is now turning yellow/brown. Went to radioshack to ask why this was happening and the lady told me it was normal and was naturally due to the oils in our skin. 35 dollars wasted

  5. I can't find this model on any website, so can You add some link in description to this case, I really need the white one, but don't know where to find it

  6. I got this case and little coloring going on, like it looks like I'll got on it but don't know…I know I didn't have near any makers or anything. Got mine at radio shack and last tried to get me to purchase insurance for it, who does that hahaha 😛

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