LG V30: New render shows change in LG's strategy

Jayce talks about the changes in LG’s mobile strategy.

Article: http://bit.ly/2vnHaXC

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  1. nowadays i refuse to buy a phone without the buttons on back.those arent volume buttons, right? maybe those are dual cameras on back. ?

  2. it is exactly a LG G6, where is the diference between G models and V models? i thought that G models are for nice designs and the V models are for high performance, alot of RAM, alot of Internal Memory, a better camera, doesnt need to be fancy, needs to be powerful, like the V10. this cellphone still are my favorite even than the G5, V20, G6 and i think V30 too.

  3. They should have a version with water proof, and another one without waterproof but with removable battery. I would definitely get the removable battery version.

  4. Ill keep my v10
    Customized apps was dropped on the lg v20 that was available o. The v10 so it was a deal breaker
    No removable battery? Sorry v30 also a deal breaker…. Ill just keep my v10

  5. There is an new video by lg. It seems that it has a note taking capability. In the video a pen was pulled out of a notebook and started writting something. So I'm guessing the V30 will include a pen.

  6. Ffs why don't these companies release phones without stereo speakers? Phones are more so media consumption devices than they are communication devices these days. We watch our media in landscape mode, so why give us a speaker that gets covered by the palm of our hand?

  7. Funny how everybody thinks they copy samsung or iphone lol last time i checked galaxy and note 8 and iphone 8 will be looking like the g6 that got released first lol

  8. Good! Let LG continue to be more on the traditional side. Let them continue to release more traditional phones with upgraded hardware, just please for the love of god don't do stupid shit like removing a headphone jack or releasing another boot loop phone.

  9. Thinking of changing from samsung to LG. Not much innovation anymore from samsung just full of things that are not needed like bixby. This looks more promising than the note 8 and s8 IMO.

  10. Love my V10. Bought and paid for so there's no way I'm letting go of it, quirks and all! It serves my needs and I just can't justify trading up for something that just doesn't appeal to me.

  11. My only question and concern is……………………THE DAMN CAMERA, WHEN WILL THEY MAKE A CAMERA THAT IS BETTER THAN SAMSUNG?!?!?!?!?!?!? Apple has let themselves go (in my personal opinion) and Samsung keeps upping the game AND LG keeps experimenting with some pretty cool things (just at the wrong time) when pretty much everybody and their sisters aunts uncles cousin (etc…….) are using their phones to pump out family memories (picture and video)! COME ON LG, GET WITH THE PROGRAM ALREADY! I love the designs and innovations BUT there is that one thing severely lagging and that is the camera hence why I will not be buying LG anything until they get their act together and team up with a sensor company that can outperform Samsung's Sony sensor (for all of you who don't know)!

  12. Im using v10 and dont think about changing with v20 or this v30.. I love the way v10 designed..
    But again, i respect every innovation which LG has brought and about this a bit mainstream v30 design i hope this got a better market. Because in the end, selling ia everything

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