Microsoft Office going tablet, Android Wear apps everywhere, more material! – Google Play Weekly

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Join us this week as we talk about some more Google apps that went Material, a new game called Eliss Infinity, a whole bunch of Android Wear app stuff, Microsoft Office going tablet, and more Android apps news!

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  2. Get Josh, please?? This guy is annoying, talks too fast like a used car salesman trying to get over on me, kinda creepy and white as a sheet.

    Get Josh to do these segments and I might actually start watching it from beginning to end again.

  3. My latest Google Play Weekly is out
    I reference my old Microsoft Office review in this show and I wish I'd read through the comments first. "MS Office doesn't work on tablets and now I use QuickOffice" Well Quickoffice is about to die and MS Office will soon have tablet support. I've never seen two things happen pretty much at once that invalidated so many YT complaints 😛 Anyway, watch/+1/enjoy!

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