Motorola XOOM Hands-on

PhoneArena presents to you a hands-on video of the Motorola XOOM.


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  1. @woodzy0211
    iPad 1 didn't have any cameras…
    iPad 2's front camera is VGA, and the rear camera is less than 1 MP, get your facts straight
    Xoom's front camera is 2 MP, and the rear camera is 5 MP

  2. @desolat3
    Right, cause you less than 1 mp rear camera is way better than the xoom's 5 mp camera, and you can customize your ipad, and use widgets, and you support flash!
    XD shows what you know

  3. Overall the Xoom looks to be a high quality product. The multi-tasking functionality is light years ahead of the current iPad platform. Notifications are also much better on android devices than on iPhone or iPad. I can't wait to see what Apple has in store next Wednesday. Let the tablet wars begin!

  4. very poor camera angle while shooting this video, when showing the actual android system he should have done it in darkness and kept the device study with a good angle so that there is no glare….many you can do it for your next reviews

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