Newsplat with Caplat – 23 November

In today’s episode of XDA TV, we realise Sam needs a shave after his terrible attempt at Movember. He talks about the recent TrevE law suit over CIQ security issues, Ice Cream Sandwich ports to the HD2 and X10, and HTC’s latest kernel source-code releases for the Rezound, Amaze, Explorer, and Desire S.

Carrier IQ law suit:

HTCdev and their progress:

ICS ports:


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  1. The top of your head is very big, and the bottom very small. This means your funkshwei is all out of balance.

    How the hell do you spell that anyways? Funk-sh-way?

  2. The references to BoB are getting annoying. Please stop it. Especially because she never talks about you, and it makes you reek of desperation

  3. @samcaplat I had an ad come up that I had to hit the X in the corner to get rid of when I clicked the link, it came up in front of the article, it wasn't a header or side ad at all.

  4. For something that you find so important such as the Carrier IQ lawsuit the site REALLY should not be posting an ad on that link. Most people unfamiliar with the site are going to leave before they get to the article. …either way, good luck to TrevE and our privacy!

  5. Another great video, thanks for taking the time and effort to write to HTC. Without developers like yourself Android would be very dull indeed.

  6. Count me in….. trevE 100% behind you Brother, I will post a video regarding this and shoot it through my bulletin board for all subscribers to see, advise all who are coming in to please don't just watch and read? Follow through, and Sam great video but you look like they roughed you up and took your tablet pc?:)

    Evo CIq removed and OPt out..
    TrevE is not just a dev, is one of THEE Geatest I have seen!

  7. Thanks for your work Sam, this while ordeal with trevE is bull pucky and I don't see how corporations can get away with this crap. Its upsetting, we keep these companies in business and they like our governments do nothing but sell us out.

  8. Good vid sam. we all gotta support TrevE because this world is getting "1984"'d by the minute.

    By the way, I'd like "Take the piss out of Bob" segment to be on every episode!

  9. Aww Caplat, is that what you did in your pants when people didn't understand you and most don't even program without stealing all source code to develop? What'd ya expect, decent beings? Bitch I love you… Follow me on Twitter @LanceSeidman… Yeah, I am weak 🙁

  10. @JDSpiderman3 Don't think English do Thanksgiving, since its a day to celebrate breaking bread with Native Americans and settlers of the US. Its like saying Happy 4th of July to them, when thats the day we kinda took the country from them. HIA SAM! Thanks for the news bit, follow ME on twitter! :p

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