Nokia Drive demonstration

Live at Nokia World 2011. PhoneArena presents a video demonstration of Nokia Drive running on the Nokia Lumia 800.


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  1. Looks cool. Not sure I'm feeling secure enough to leave Android. This SGS2 I'm rockin is pretty sweet. Will try it in the future maybe, if the new new soon to be released Nexus doesn't pull me in further.

  2. @y571 i agree, but i would buy this as my secondary phone, sgs 2 rocks ! but this will serve as a good conversation starter at a bar with friends 🙂

  3. @copycat1919 I want dual core for even better battery life and for games, i know WP7 is the smoothest OS out there, i self using omnia. But the games grafics sucks compared to ios and andriod handset..

  4. Very underwhelming compared to what’s available for the iPhone and Android. Nokia Maps is just a very basic navigator, even the old one for Symbian S60v3 had more functions…

    -Where is coordinates search?
    -Photo navigation? Using a picture’s EXIF data to navigate?
    -Route avoidance?
    -Multiple route choices/Displaying of multiple routes?
    -Multiple routing points/transit points
    -Can you navigate from Contacts?
    -Quick route overview option when navigating
    -Does it even have a navigation history?

  5. @Aidino123 well it might be crap like you say but as long as apple is getting money (70 billion in its first quater) then the comment you made is just irrelevant. and plus i disagree. apart from the ipod touch, all the other ipods are rubbish.

  6. @effahthebest apple is one big dictatorship , apple iphone = crap , macbook / imac = crap
    The only good product that apple makes is iPod.
    Everyone buys a iphone or mac because they are 'cooler' and 'better' then a regular computer or phone. The specs are the same or even worse but the price is twice or more high.

  7. @Aidino123 you sure about that? did apple follow the crowd when every phone wanted to look like the Blackberry? no i dont think so. look at them now.

  8. Am so glad nokia did not go following the crowd and using android. in my opinion wp7 looks and feel more premium built than android and overall better. (MY OPINION)

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