Nubia Z20 Camera Review – Who Needs Front Cameras?

The Nubia Z20 has a not so great camera. It’s not going to be terrible, but it’s not the best in the world. In this video I show you guys some of the camera quality and just everything about the Nuba Z20 camera.

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  1. XDA really needs to learn how to make reviews… You really thought that was thr right background to test a camera?? Good phone but crappy review, sofry guys

  2. Good video, Suggestion When reviewing the cámara please do it outside where we can see the different lenses and angles not in your bed please get up and try to impress us with your review

  3. This was one of your better videos @Max W. Good job. But please do consider not using that ugly bed background for the intros. Also, refrain from using words like "wonky" and "funky" more frequently. Overall, a really good video. 👍🏽

  4. by god the dislikes to likes are getting closer, i wonder why? cause his video are of the highest calibre you can get on xda!!!!! LMFAO makes a video doesn't edit video he has no ability to do it and makes excuses…. I wanna know who's penis he sucks at XDA to be allowed to make videos.. Get back on fornite where you belong kid!!!!!!

  5. I'm confused as a z17 owner. The camera family doesn't have slow shutter/dng/star trail mode etc? Also how is the hybrid zoom at 30x? Anywhere close to p30? You should try a moon shot at full zoom

  6. I have two questions is there a dark mode in the settings and can you turn off the on-screen Android controls and use gestures. 🤞 Or do we have to wait for Android 10 ?

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