Palm Pre 2 Hands-on

With almost a year and a half under its belt, the once fresh and relevant Palm Pre is clearly beginning to show off its age as we’ve seen it slowly becoming more of a distant memory than anything else. Happily, HP Palm recently unveiled their followup successor with the Palm Pre 2 which has some notable improvements under the hood with its updated webOS platform.


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  1. all palm users must have small fingers…cause every palm product has the smallest keyboards/keys in the industry. I literally have to type with my fingernails or fingertips especially on the Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon.

  2. i hope they put web OS on like different hardware, if the iphone had the web os im sure it will dominate the smartphone market. i have an android myself and i think web os is even easier to use :p

  3. I love webOS also! Theres only one problem, i don't know it I should wait until the Mansion device comes out or just get a Pre 2

  4. pretty cool and makes the other palm pre phones free for me, since they will be droping prices. Like to know more about this device.

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