Pantech Link II hands-on

Live from CTIA 2011. PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the Pantech Link II.


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  1. Oh an one more thing. The Camera is the crappiest thing I've seen on this phone. I have never seen a camera worse than this one 😡👿 makes me wished I had exchanged it for another phone

  2. Have this phone since March for my birthday. Nice phone wished it had some more things to customize. I like adding color to everything, wished there was some more Color themes though. It's really plain

  3. Its only 10 dollars because its under contract. If you buy it with out contract its like 99 dollars. Thats how they get you with the contract.

  4. No the pantech laser is better the pantech laser has a side sliding keyboard with productive key on the side sliding keyboard for fast typing

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