PoopLog for Android – Review

Full review: http://www.androidcentral.com/pooplog-review-number-one-app-number-twos

Some apps you just never expect to exist. One of them is PoopLog, which does exactly what you think it does: keeps track of every time you take a dump. Not just track, but describe in excruciating detail – texture, volume, time of day, pain level… Even photos can be attached and shared via the system-wide menu to whoever needs to know about your last trip to the can.


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  1. As someone with a spinal cord injury, caused by a drunk-driver, I never would have believed that such an app, along with its cousin urine log, could ever be so useful. Yet now these records will determine whether I keep my bowels or lose the lot !

    ps.: The stool picture reference guide is called "The Bristol Stool Guide" . 😉

  2. There are millions of people with bowel disease who can benefit from it… to them, maybe a jogging app is silly. I've been logging my shit for four years thanks to Crohn's disease.

  3. A patient with rectal cancer could have his rectum, sigmoid, and the rest of his colon removed. Some patients end up with permanent ileostomy and some end up with J pouch. Because of the the loss of the reservoir function of the colon those people need to keep on track of their bowl habit and how it response to specific food ….. that's just one of many medical cases that could use this very thoughtful app.

  4. Sooo.. i guess you stand up after having a massive bowel movement you reach for the phone and snap a picture..remind me not to touch your phone lol.

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