Pro-Tip #2: Wireless mount and shell

In this video ERD AdamOutler shows the basics of turning your device into a fileserver with secure shell(SSH) and secure file transfer protocol(SFTP). He demonstrates the market app QuickSSH and offers the free alternative of market app SSHDroid. AdamOutler then goes on to show how to connect to a desktop, the programs used and how to set it up on Linux/Mac while offering Windows users some options as well.

For more information see here:

Android Server Apps:

Windows Desktop Apps (Not required on Linux/Mac):


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  1. The IP at which you connected is private (both ssh client and server are on the same Access Point)
    My question is can you connect (completely) remotely? As in, the ssh client is located in the USA and the ssh server in China.
    I want to install an Android mini pc for my parents and I would like to connect remotely so I can help them if they need something.

  2. has more detailed video tutorials on ssh. this is cool to see xda exploring a dirty hack to ssh…would like to see more detailed comand line fun. keep posting!

  3. Wow, another genius not getting the joke. And that's after a week with several other guys not getting the joke either. That's brilliant. Your next target: Hack

  4. @kimoosaw @yenkem110. O rly? Next time bring a sarcasm detector down to the basement. And now since you both seem to have acomplished this task already, go hack

  5. Hey Adam. I've been using Android sync Manager for File transfers, and it works great. Would you recommend something like that, or should I use the apps from the vid?

  6. hey thanks adam.. it works like a charm.. but, for the next time, please zoom in to what you are typing in that terminal. I have a very hard time to look and observe at what you are typing..

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