Pro Tip Number 1: Android XBMC Remote Control

In the first in a series of XDA Pro Tips XDA Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler shows us how to repurpose an Android device as a remote control for your TV with XBMC. He demonstrates switching a YouTube video from the YouTube application on an Android phone to a TV. He talks a bit about the hardware required to run this setup and he shows you what it takes to set up a full-fledged media center with Android integration.

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  1. but, its just a media player with some fancy functions… I've try'ed on my computer with the app but besides the youtube feature – nothing much:/

  2. This is soo complicated :/ …. My way is to connect your pc to the hdtv (preferebly by hdmi but vga works too) and install on your pc and your android device Gmote . It lets you use the phone as a remote to play movies from your pc to your tv or the opposite play movies from your pc to your phone ( that feature is still beta ..)

  3. Xbmc is really cool stuff. I was searching for something like this like 5 years ago yet having a remote on a PDA was back then a much more expemsive idea then now and with much less features then todays technology. Thanks a lot Adam for this great pro tip! (~_^)b

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