Pro Tip Number 5: Why You Should Odex and Deodex

In the fifth in a series of XDA Pro Tips, XDA Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler responds to your requests for this Pro Tip. AdamOutler talks about Odexing and Deodexing ROMs. There is no universal and free way to odex and deodex a ROM for all platforms, as different platforms and devices have different tools for odexing and deodexing ROMs. So, AdamOutler lays out why you would want to deodex, odex, and what it all means. So sit back, relax and check out the video.

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  1. stop why why whining. tell us how to deodex rom. every kid knows there benefit from deodexed rom. who cares about warranty

  2. So if I want my phone to be as fast as possible and don't care about modding, I should get the ODEXED version of the rom, right?

  3. Hahaha good Windows 8 joke! I'm currently using Windows 7 and not going to upgrade anytime soon! ^-^

    Thanks for the vid, now I have one less reason to buy Titanium Backup.

  4. I dont want deodexed anymore, can I just flash an odexed ROM (same firmware) without resetting and deleting all data ?? thank u

  5. Just happy someone admitted that deodexing is not a "feature" thank you. When I made my Rezound Zone ODEXed people acted like I was crazy. That said reodexing apps/roms can be a change. .

  6. Vista was a load of shit, but Windows 7? Come on, it's stable and runs fast, the majority of the world liked it and didn't have problems with it.

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