Realme 3 Pro Review: Xiaomi Should Be Worried

Read our review: | Read our Realme 3 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro: Is the Realme 3 Pro the next mid-range champion? Check our our Realme 3 Pro review!

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  1. For those who are complaining about micro USB port more you are getting VOOC 3.0 which is a 20W charging tech which is same as supported by OnePlus 6,6t ( not including McLaren edition) which is quite an accomplishment in 200$ price range, and since it is an asia specific phone ( south-east asia) where more than 80 percent of general public uses micro USB port most of the buyer will be satisfied, but yeah it would have been better if it was USB type-C.

  2. There is a lot of nitpicking in this video. I hate the reviewers comparing these budget phones with flagships. Do you even know how much it costs ?? Just a fraction of those "Flagships" and you start comparing them. Lower down you expectations buddy. Its not a banana land of flagships but a place where money has more value.

  3. For a phone that costs $ 215 , these specs are incredible , oh and id rather have a micro usb with 20w quick charge than 10w type C. Good job realme !

  4. I don't understand why so many people are mentioning VOOC charge when he said a con is the MicroUSB. It doesn't matter whether it's the fastest charging cable in the world, the fact it's MicroUSB is a con and a con itself. The charging speed is a pro, but a pro by itself, and not one that makes a con not a problem

  5. @2:43 Sorry lad but the 675 is more powerful than the 710 despite being a 6 series chip. SD 675 has an Antutu score of arround 185,000 and SD 710 165,000, even though the 710 has comes with a slightly more powerful gpu. That is mainly because it features 4th gen Kryo cores as opposed to the 3rd gen Kryo cores of the 710.

  6. For what Xiaomi wanna worry for this
    Having plastic back 🤣🤣realme 3pro
    Xiaomi has Gorilla glass 5 back
    Snapdragon 710?🤣not bad but it's for gpu not for cpu we have 675for cpu
    And moreover wait for miui 11 and speak 🤣🤣

  7. Deal breaker no usb type c, lol its weird, a year or 2 ago would have been fine but i dont even think i even own a micro usb anymore lol funny how times change, i used to have to throw away micro usb's i had so many. Now i have a hard time finding one! Sure i can just buy some but for 1 device, that if i upgrade, the cable becomes useless to me once again? Nah

  8. Thanks to Xiaomi, specifically Redmi, oppo is known for their overpriced phones. Because of redmi, oppo is forced to make Realme. More competition, more bang for your buck.

  9. Hi Adam, good to see you again!
    Yes, microusb is a dealbreaker. I mean: I am much more glad to buy a microusb equipped device, since I do not see any dramatic boost in using the c type…and because I have my entire environment populated by microusb objects.
    Strangely none of the so called major reviewers complained that much for really useful features, like 3,5mm jack, fm radio receiver, and ir blasters. Apparently this is because such reviewers get extra undeclared benefits from certain manufacturers in such a way that they can be considered as manufacturers' advisors, rather than real testers/reviewers.

  10. it also has vooc charging which charges the phonr from 0 to 100 in 80 min so micro usb is not a deal breaker for many

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